Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Home Repair Woes

We are currently fighting with Home Depot to get our floors finished (putting in a pergo-like wood laminate in family room/kitchen/entry/hall) and I've invested too much to start over with another company, so I'm in it until it's done (which looks like July 6 or 7 now) so if my blogs are few and far between, it's because Home Depot is driving me crazy, the kids and I are living in my bedroom and backyard, the kitchen is out on the patio (table and fridge), and I STILL don't have a stove (it's been about two months now - I'm just PINING for some of my homemade hot from the oven chocolate chip cookies). So, when my floors are finished, and my furniture has been restored to its proper place, when an oven is bought and delivered, when my TIVO is hooked up again (tivo users, you can truly appreciate the pain of having tivo, then not having it for two weeks, but knowing it is in the garage, just wasting away, and it's all home depot's fault . . . ), perhaps then I'll be able to be a daily blogger. Who am I kidding? It will always be something, won't it? That's the secrets of motherhood and home ownership that nobody thinks to warn you about. It's always something. I'll just keep trying. Keep on keeping on. I'll try. I promise.

Underwear Tags

I just helped Sally put her hair into a ponytail, and I noticed her underwear were bunched up and sticking out of her pants. Curious. I tried to straighten them out, and found that the waist elastic was very tight. Curiouser. Being a mom, I pulled down her pants to see what was what. She had used one of the legs as the waist, and had the waist bunched around one leg. "Sally, your underwear are on wrong. Don't they feel weird?" "MOM, I had to get the tag on the back!" Whoops. This pair, being a size bigger, has the tag on the side, not on the back of the waist, like the smaller kind. I never thought to warn her. Sorry, Sally!

Monday, June 28, 2004

The Wonders of One

Samuel is now one year old. He is so darn cute, too! (OK, I'm a little biased.) He started doing a new thing: when you ask him a question that he can't point the answer to, he'll put his palms up and shurg his shoulders, as if to say, "I dunno!" CUTE! He also brings us stuff - anything he can get his hands on. He thinks he's helping, I'm sure. We went to Northern CA this weekend, and we went out for chinese food - he ate everything he was offered! Our favorite part was when Grandma Tina offered him a bite, and without looking, he grabbed the chopsticks and pulled them to his mouth. Another favorite was some popup books that Auntie Di and Uncle Clem gave him and Sally. (Thanks for the books!!!) He busted up when Sally did the popups. Of course, she had some great noises to go with the popup motion. And she is the best sister in the world, after all. Now, the next part is not for the weaked stomached out there. So if you are blogging and eating, put down the food. You have been warned! Sally and I had a great laugh just now as we changed Samuel's diaper - there were several perfect sliced olives in there from lunch. They traveled through Samuel's body in a just a few hours. Sally, ever the drama queen, had to pretend to dry heave and said "ooh, gross!" but she was laughing the whole time. He's a wonder.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Birthday Boy

Yesterday our little Samuel turned one. We celebrated with the traditional cupcake, and he loved it - of course, he got it everywhere, up the nose, up both arms, and quite a bit on his shirt. I gave him a quick bath, but he still smelled like vanilla frosting. YUM. We also completed a rite of passage - the switch to a front facing toddler carseat. What a new world for him! He can actually see out the window now. And I can see both of my kids' faces in the rear view window. What a simple joy that is! We are taking a road trip this weekend, and he will be able to watch a video in the car. Of course, the only shows he really likes are Dora (still has the crush) and SpongeBob (thanks to our game addiction, he likes the show, too) OH - and Baby Einstein! (I feel like I've just redeemed myself as a good parent!) I also feel compelled (did I spell that right?) to mention that Samuel is giving kisses now - those sweet, open-mouthed, slobbery first kisses. He gave several to Stuart on Father's Day, almost like he knew the holiday. Then, yesterday, Sally got about ten or tweleve, in celebration of his birthday. Me, the mommy, the one who provides food, clean diapers, baths, hugs, the mom, got two. Two. And those I had to beg for. It was pretty sad, really.

Friday, June 18, 2004

A Lesson in Obedience

I've never properly thanked my friend Sherry for introducing me to the world of blogging. Thank you! As I was reading her blog last week, I was reminded of this lesson that I learned from my daughter. We were getting ready for school (preschool) and we were, of course, running late on time. She was sitting at the kitchen table, eating her cereal. Samuel was sitting in his highchair, eating cheerios. I was running around, gulping coffee, finding shoes, finding keys, making a bottle for Samuel to drink in the car, feeding the dog, putting away the toy I tripped on twice. You know, doing the mom thing. I jogged into the kitchen to throw some dirty cups into the sink, and I see Sally NOT eating her cereal, but feeding Samuel cheerios. I sort of stared at her and asked what she was doing. She sweetly replied, "I'm helping Samuel eat his cheerios. See, he's almost done!" I looked at her bowl, which was still full of cereal, and then at the clock, and saw that we needed to leave in ten minutes. I remember I ground my teeth together a bit and told her, "Sally, I know you think you are helping, but you are not. You need to eat your breakfast. It is almost time to go, and you haven't even started! Instead of helping me, please obey me!" And that's when it hit me. I felt the breath go out of my chest, and I heard God gently tell me, "Yes Sheila, please stop being so busy doing Good Things, and obey Me first. Do you understand Me now?" I had to sit down. It made me pause. I looked at my lovely daughter, frantically eating her cereal, and I understood how God sees me clearer than I ever had before. That morning, I got it.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Quote for the Day

That which of all things unfits man for the reception of Christ as a Saviour, is not gross profligacy and outward, vehement transgression, but it is self-complacency, fatal self-righteousness and self-sufficiency.
- Alexander MacLaren

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Kiddo Update

OK, I've been selfish and just writing about me. So, the kiddos - - Sally will be five in August, and is currently on summer break. She'll start kindergarten in the fall. We are working on letters (she knows most of them, but can't write all of them and still prefers to write her "S" backwards), counting to 20 (she does well until 13, then it's a blur to 20, and sometimes she forgets and says "nineteen, twentyteen"), and responding to questions with "Yes Mom" instead of "yeah." She loves to draw, and is now doing houses with several doors, one for each member of the family. We have passed the stage where she was drawing mommy with a tatoo of Sally on mommy's face. (No, I have no tatoos. Sally likes tatoos and motorcycles. Yikes.) She also likes to sing, and recently told me she needs to practice so she can be on American Idol. Made my blood run cold. Samuel will be one in one week (!!!!) and is so close to walking. He can stand alone, and can walk holding on to stuff, and could probably walk if he tried, but prefers to crawl. He loves balls, fish crackers, and Sally. Sally fell asleep on the couch earlier this week, and Samuel tried to kiss her face. Then he tried to open her eyes. Little brothers are SUCH FUN. He has four teeth on top, and three teeth on the bottom. He loves to get into everything, and so I have had to install baby locks on everything in the kitchen. I also had to get stronger outlet safety locks, as he pried the first batch out in no time. Stuart and I feel so blessed to parent such beautiful, sweet children. (Someone please remind me of this sentiment when Samuel turns two.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The SpongeBob Game

OK, Stuart bought a SpongeBob game for Sally to play on the PS2, and now we are all hooked. (Get it? Hooked!) It's a riot. I have to set a timer to limit my play time. It's a shame. Want to come over and play? :)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Deep Thoughts

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains,
at the huge waves of the sea,
at the long courses of rivers,
at the vast compass of the ocean,
at the circular motion of the stars;
and they pass by themselves without wondering.

- St. Augustine


I have decided that my son is part woodchuck. I know the poor little guy is teething, and that chewing helps, but couldn't he chew on his blanket? Or his stuffed dog? Or his squishie book? Or any of the other dozens of toys in his crib? NO! He knaws on the crib. I know this because when I get him up from his naps, he has paint chips on his chin (YES, it's non-toxic, please don't scold me). I also know this because the crib has teeth marks on it. Sally knawed on the left side; Samuel is now knawing on the right. I'll never be able to sell that crib when he outgrows it. It has teeth marks all over it. (Also, it has stickers on the bottom from when Sally and I were getting ready for the baby, and I can't get them off.) Anybody know any creative uses for a crib? I have about a year to figure something out. Sigh. Motherhood takes more creativity than I ever thought.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Last night, I took Sally to the craft store and bought her a small loom to make potholders. You know, the ones that you weave with the little loops of fabric. Such a rite of passage. Took me right back to my potholder days. My sister and I made dozens of those, along with several lovely plastic canvas and yarn creations (remember the tissue box holders?) and then the latch hook rugs. Good times.

Vacation? Not for Mom!

We spent a lovely weekend in Palm Springs, but please note the date: today is Thursday. That's because I needed three days to recover from our three day trip. Notice I say "trip", not "vacation." Although we did have a nice time, Samuel did not sleep well, and Sally threw up in the pool. (OK, I HAD to put that one in. We fed her dinner, then Stuart let her go in the spa, then shook her up in the pool. She let out a mighty belch, then projectile vomited into the pool. I was in the room trying to get Samuel to sleep, but Stu said it was memorable. The best part was that we named that pool "the puke pool." There were four pools close to our room. The next afternoon, upon arriving at the pool, Sally loudly asks me, "IS THIS THE PUKE POOL?" I'm sure the couple cuddling in the shallow end were not amused.) We swam about five times a day, ate tons of junk food, and went through a case of bottled water. It was 110 degrees there, and Stu was in a golfing tournament. A fun time, but I came home exhausted and then faced the four loads of laundry. Welcome home!

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Don't kids say the darndest things? Mine does. Here are some favorites:

We have a shower with clear doors that needs to be squeegeed (that may not be a real word, but what else do you call it?). One morning, Sally was sitting in the bathroom talking to me while I showered. She casually says to me, "Mom, don't forget to shave the walls."

Sally has a cheerleader-inspired outfit. We were going to watch my husband's softball game, and she was trying out some cheers for me. (Her cheers consist of yelling "Cheerleader, Cheerleader, GO DAD!!!" and waving a beat-up blue pom-pom that my dad "found" somewhere and saved for Sally.) She says to me, "I need some people to put their feet on my head and make a statue like a triangle for this cheer."

And finally, Sally's song titles:
"The book on the shelf song" for Waterloo by Abba
"The chicks like you song" for Does Your Mother Know by Abba
"The numbers song" for I'm Just Me by SheDaisey
"Daddy's song about the sword" Mom says, "Huh?" Sally, exasperated, sings, "Gimme the beat, boys, and free my sword, I wanna get lost in your rockin roll ....."

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Great Green Room

Wouldn't you love to spend the night in the great green room from "Goodnight Moon"? We watched an HBO special on children's favorite bedtime books - my wonderful husband Tivo-ed it for us. It was delightful. We all watched it together, and it made me feel so peaceful, watching those kittens playing on the floor, hearing the old woman (rabbit) "hush" me, watching the little mouse look out the window while the fire crackled away. I'd love to fall asleep in that room. But I wouldn't eat the mush.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sally's last day of preschool

Tomorrow is Sally's last day of preschool. She is busy coloring pictures for her teachers. I can't believe this season is over. It seemed so short. Next year, she'll be in kindergarten. Then I'll be making her lunch for first grade. I hope summer lasts forever.

Samuel and Dora, sitting in a tree . . . .

My one year old son Samuel has a crush on Dora. Yes, Dora, that cute little hispanic cartoon character who, along with her sidekick monkey Boots, teaches kids about map reading and spanish vocabulary. He watches her show. It's the only show he likes. Sally has a Dora doll. When Samuel saw it, such a look of awe and delight came over his face, I was almost jealous. Almost.