Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Scarlet Letter

My son should have to wear a large scarlet letter on his chest. Scarlet is very appropriate - the color that soft, fleshy skin turns when vicious little teeth are pressed into it. A large scarlet B. He's a Biter. I'm so disappointed. He bit three girls yesterday - THREE! - and this after escalating consequences, consequences that even a two year old should understand. The last person was his adoring sister, who only wanted to leave the TV on when he wanted to turn it off. Since she stood in his way, he leaned over and bit her on the stomach.

At least he has never broken the skin. It could be worse, right? Right?


jaymarie said...

We had quite the conversation with Eva, later Zoë joined in, about your sweet Samuel. Eva said,"but why did he bite Angela? Angela is no nice, she mean to me."

Whatever, kid. Angela is so sweet, and Eva is the one who picks on her every time they get together. And Eva bit Zoë for a long time, even after Eva had learned to speak well. The only thing that eventually cured her was a drop of Tabasco on her tongue! Yikes!!! I know it hurt, but thank God she doesn't bite anymore.

This too shall pass...

Juliabohemian said...

don't worry we aren't going to press charges...ha ha

I don't think Angela did anything to provoke Samuel persay...I think he just doesn't like having his immediate space violated. I'm just surprised that he hasn't bitten SALLY more.

It could be least he isn't biting THINGS. When Victoria got mad, at Samuel's age, she would bite furniture.

K Murphy J said...

lol! N.H.K.M.*, this is one of those posts that made my little eyes pop wide open and say -- wow, moms & dads really have to deal with a lot of diverse issues as their kids grow up. And Jaymarie and Juliabohemian's comments are even better. God bless you all for taking on the challenge willingly (mostly), lovingly (always, underneath it all), despite frustration, and generally with good humor in the aftermath. God Bless mothers of biters. :)

(*Not having kids myself)

mrsfish said...

Em went through a biting stage. It was usually related to being frustrated and not being able to articulate it. She got time outs. She stopped eventually. Nobody's skin ever got broken and she got bit by other kids a few times too. It is embarrasing I know, but be comforted - it is common.