Friday, August 05, 2005


We went to the Bowers Museum today and looked at the mummy exhibit. Lucky as we are, we ran into a friend in the parking lot and chatted as our paths crossed inside. She had been to the King Tut exhibit at the LACMA - both this year and back in 1978 - and she actually liked the exhibit at the Bowers better. There were few people there, so you could get really close to the displays, and there were several mummies, not just one or two. There weren't very many huge pieces, like the LACMA gets, but there were several really neat examples of hieroglyphics - one carved in stone that was magnificent. Although Samuel is not really old enough to appreciate museums - his favorite thing was a statue of a ship, with several statues on the ship, which he pointed to and yelled, "Look Mom, a pirate ship!" - and we had to leave earlier than I had hoped, Sally enjoyed it. Too bad my camera batteries ran out - the courtyard was very pretty, and I wanted to get a pic of the kids and Stuart, because they all looked so cute today.

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Theology Mom said...

Ooo...Mummies... Emily would love that. I had no idea about this exhibit. I'll have to look into it.