Thursday, October 27, 2005

SPF - Wild Card

I'm leaving for a little vacation tomorrow - details to come upon my return. Thought I'd post my SPF photos a bit early - hope you don't mind. These are two of my favorite photos - my kids behaving exactly the way my sister and I did! Sorry about the quality of the one from 1972, but I had to scan it in, and it is three decades old. Enjoy, people!

Me kissing my sister, 1972. Posted by Picasa

Sally kissing Samuel, 2004. Posted by Picasa

Handing out Gold Stars

to Sherry, MrsFish, and Alison, who were up at the crack of dawn and posted their Three Things Thursdays BEFORE me! Good job, ladies! Gold stars all around!

Three Things Thursday

(1) I was addicted to American Idol last season, but I never called in my vote. Somehow, that makes the addiction seem harmless to me.

(2) People who vote made a big mistake when they voted off Constantine. He was excellent. We needed an Idol with bedroom eyes. Also, anyone who can sing a Partridge Family song ("I think I love you") and still look like a cool rocker deserves to win. Seriously.

(3) Although he didn't win, Clay Aiken is my favorite Idol. I put his song, "Invisible", on repeat this morning and turned it up. Loud. For half an hour.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Boy

Self Portrait at the soccer game. Posted by Picasa


Someone left a comment recently about how there haven't been any funny stories lately about the further adventures of Samuel. I've been thinking about that lately. His terrible two stage (and I realize I'm running the risk of jinxing myself here, but I live on the edge) seems to be less intense, perhaps even coming to an end. I think it has alot to do with the fact that Sally is in school for a longer time every day, and I am able to give him lots of one-on-one attention. (Aside to those of you planning to have your second child: a four year age difference is very very nice. We had no behavior problems with Sally when Samuel was born; only one kid in diapers at a time; she reads to him now, which helps her reading, and he loves the attention.) Also, he's learning more words, which I hope will make his little biting problem stop altogether. (Miracles still do happen, you know.) So we haven't had any real drama there. I'm also happy to report that he hasn't injured himself lately. I need to qualify that: he hasn't needed to have medical attention lately. Last night, after I put him to bed, I watched my shows (DespHousewives & Grey'sAnat) and he sneaked into bed with Stuart. Unfortunately, he fell out of our bed and hit his head on the nightstand on the way down. After I gave the appropriate hugs and kisses and "poor baby"-ies, I told him that is why he needs to sleep in HIS bed in HIS room. I don't think he heard me.

I'll leave you with a cute fact about Samuel that my dad just loves. We have some animal flashcards that Samuel loves to do with someone - horse, bird, lion, turtle, shark, etc etc. If he comes to one he doesn't know, instead of saying "I don't know" he says "nope." In fact, "nope" is his favorite word. My friend J usually calls me when I'm in the bathroom, and Samuel picks up the phone and chats with her. He does some heavy breathing, then any question she asks he will answer with "uh-huh" or "nope". Be warned - if you call here and a heavy breather answers, it's Samuel.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

And now . . . .

. . . a whole lotta pictures of Sally. What a great kid!

The players. Sally is on the far right. I have no idea what kind of victory dance this is, but this is exactly why her games are such a blast to watch. Any one of the girls does this sort of thing all throughout the game. Posted by Picasa

Sally on the field. She was such a force today! All over the place, blocking goals left and right. Go Pink Panthers!!! (And that is Coach Jason, one of the pastors at our church, and coach of the opposite team! Go Stars!) Posted by Picasa

Lost tooth! It popped out right before her game, much to her delight. She was afraid that she would lose it in the middle of the game. I told her that she is a real live jack-o-lantern for halloween, and we'll paint her whole face orange. She doesn't believe me. Posted by Picasa

Green Girl with wiggly tooth. This was taken this past week. Her daddy got her the t-shirt in Washington DC, and I got her the pants. They match (almost) and she insists on wearing them with green socks (that are not the same shade). Looks cool, huh? Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005


I was thinking about this past week, with my folks here, and what fun stories I could share with you about our time together. I could tell you about our fantastic fish fry dinner with T&S&kids, and how we had a great game of Liverpool Rummy that I finally won (S has been kicking my butt, ungracious friend that I taught how to play, thank you very much (kidding!)), or I could tell you about Sally's rousing soccer game, in which she almost made a goal herself (although there are no real positions in the level she is at, she is totally on defense, and is the closest thing they have to a goalie), or I could tell you about going to Chuck E. Cheese and how much fun it is to see the delight on the kids faces. I can't tell you about all the times we laughed and laughed, as those are stories unfit for the blog. (I could tell you about my mom going on the monkey bars, but I can't show you that picture. I promised.) But what I'm going to tell you is that it is so precious seeing your kids through your parent's eyes. And seeing your parents through your kid's eyes. It's a blast. The look on my dad's face when Samuel called through the house, "Grandpa!", was almost as good as the look on my mom's face when Sally explained to her that, since she is growing her hair out, soon she'll only have one eye. (She wants to look like Violet in The Incredibles - hair over half her face.)

It's also really cool that my parents laughed at Dodgeball as hard as I did.

We had a nice week. But hey, Mom, I forgot to tell you my Dumbo story. Next time. Don't let me forget!

Stuff Portrait Friday

The ugliest shoes I own are these old keds that I use for working in the yard. They have been covered in mud and ran through the washer more than once. They live in the garage. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Three Things Thursday

(1) I taught math at a high school for seven years before I became a Mom. My fifth year was my best. I was at the top of my game; the kids were excellent; everything came together early that year and I sailed through it, having a great time.
(2) My favorite student was Michael Cooper, a young man in my Geometry/Algebra 2 class. He had an uncanny resembalance to Tom Cruise (back when Tom Cruise was still cool and Rosie was daily discussing her crush on him during her talk show) and our class nicknamed him "Baby Tom". He knew I like the movie Tommy Boy and would randomly quote lines during class to make me laugh. I once had to stop class for five minutes because I was laughing so hard.
(3) I still meet people that were students in one of my classes. I met one last week at Sears, waiting to get the kids pictures taken. She was waiting with her son, who was quite interested in Sally's hair. "Excuse me, but were you a teacher . . . . " Ran into another former student last month at Starbucks. Met a young lady at the park who was finishing her masters degree, still remembers my class. Met a former student at Home Depot who had started a dot com company, made and lost a fortune, and was getting back on his feet by working nights. The one person I'd really like to run into is a sarcastic young man from my first year teaching named Jeff. I'd love to see what he's done with himself.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I don't know what this sport is, but Samuel is REALLY good at it! (That's a basketball hoop for the pool, a volleyball for kids, a plastic golf club, and green goggles.) Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Manic Mondays

Checking my emails - can I get any more ads for penile enlargement? Cripes! And now I'm getting email for a dating service - for LDS singles! Not LDS! Not single! Cripes again!

Having a great week - my folks are visiting, so we are shopping, going out to Islands for cheese fries, and catching up on Monk episodes. Oh, and finishing some house projects. Playing with the kiddos and laughing alot. Having a good time.

Little story to make you laugh today: When we went to visit Stu's sister, she had an interesting chat with Sally. They were discussing the whole "Half Chinese/Whole Chinese" issue, and what Sally is, what the baby is, and Sally announces this gem: "I'm half Chinese now, but when I grow up, I'm going to be ALL Chinese." Sadly, I had to set her straight.

Have a great week, people!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

My shampoo. It smells great - cherry bark extract. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Three Things Thursday

(1) I like the words epiphany, trebuchet, apothecary, and cicada.

(2) I hate the words scurvy, crotch, and cockroach.

(3) I think of numbers as having their own gender and colors. For example, 2 and 3 are girls, and 4 is a boy. 8 is a boy too, although with all those curves, I don’t know why, but he is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Click on the photo to see a larger version. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005


When we were visiting my baby niece last weekend, we took 67 photos.

~18 of the 67 photos were taken by Sally
~5 of those 18 were of the baby
~0 of those 5 were in focus
~13 were pics of her dolls
~3 of those 13 were in focus

~7 of the 67 photos are of hummingbirds

~10 of the 67 photos were taken by Stuart
~9 of those 10 were of ducks and geese

~25 of the 67 photos are of the baby

~I am in 3 of the 67 photos, all 3 holding the baby

Hummingbirds at my sister-in-law's house. We were outside, she was BBQing, I was dong the photographer thing, and the birds just came and ate while we were standing there. I did not zoom in on this photo at all - that's how close I was. If you look closely, you can see three birds at this feeder and another (on the right) coming in for a drink. It was magical. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 07, 2005

Gold Stars To My Players!

As promised, I've added a Three Things Thursdays to my sidebar. Please let me know if you are playing and I missed you. Good job, ladies! Consider yourself handed a gold star.

Stuff Portrait Friday

My telephones and my rolodex. (Love that rolodex!) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Goodbye, TheologyMom

It is with sadness and a heavy heart that I bid farewell to the blog of TheologyMom. I loved reading her thoughts on parenting, theology, and people who don't get it. Her voice will be missed.

Three Things Thursday

(1) My favorite day of the week is Monday.

(2) The first movie I saw in the movie theaters was Dumbo. It still makes me cry.

(3) My TiVo has not made a daily call in 191 days. We always forget to plug the phone line in, but since we do not watch any pay-per-view movies, I never feel bad about it.

Coming Soon: A Three Things Thursdays section on the sidebar! Play to win, people!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I haven't posted any cute stories because I've had a sinus headache. Nothing seems cute to me when my head is in a vise and I feel like I'm swimming in thick soup. Thankfully, the waves did not overcome me - my husband insisted that I take some sinus headache medicine, and it finally did the trick. It's still here, but it's better.

Maybe there will be some cute stories to share. Until then, just know that there is black marker all over my white trash can in the kitchen, and everytime he looks at it, Samuel shakes his head and says, "Shorry, Mommy. I shorry."

Monday, October 03, 2005

What I did this weekend - held my beautiful niece while she slept and I remembered what it was like when my babies were this little. A precious time, a difficult sleepless time, a very very short time that they stay little. She's just such a sweet baby! Posted by Picasa

Yummy pumpkin muffins Posted by Picasa

Almost-Like-Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

As promised, my recipe for pumpkin cream cheese muffins. They are very close to the kind you can buy at Starbucks - special thanks to J and G for being my tasters and suggesting additional ingredients. I took a recipe for pumpkin bread, added lots more spices and the cream cheese, and here you go. They are wonderful hot, but be very careful of the cream cheese - it gets very very hot and you could burn yourself. That would totally ruin your experience.

Almost-Like-Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

3 cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp ground cloves
4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Pinch of cardamom (optional)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp soda
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 cups cooked or canned pumpkin
1 ¼ cups vegetable oil
8 oz package cream cheese*
Chopped nuts** (walnuts, pecans) (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. Mix ingredients together except cream cheese and nuts. Fill muffin tins (greased or paper cups) half full. Put 1-2 tsp cream cheese in the middle, pressing down. Sprinkle with 1 tsp chopped nuts. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean from the muffin part (do not touch the cream cheese!). Let cool in pans for 5 minutes, then remove to racks to cool completely. Do not touch the cream cheese until it cools, as it is very very hot. Makes 24 muffins.

*The best cream cheese to use is the cheesecake flavored kind. Put the entire tub or brick on a piece of tin foil, and shape it into a long log. Put it in the freezer while you mix and fill the pans, up to an hour. Unwrap and cut with a sharp knife. If the disks are too big around, cut thick slices and then cut them in half. This keeps the cream cheese in one big lump, and also lets you push it down into the batter.

**Starbucks uses chopped pumpkin seeds, which are very good if you can find them. I like walnuts, but any kind of nuts work well.