Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Watch out - crazy lady with a stroller!

Question for you: If you are walking to school and you are pushing a stroller, and you see a young child heading straight for you so you pull to the far right and stop walking, and the child, walking with his mother who is not paying attention to the child and is talking with another mother, is still heading right for you so you call out "Excuse me!", and that kid runs right into you, is that kid's mom justified in any way to give you a nasty look?

Just wondering.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What Samuel's Up To

Alternate Title: "Why am I tired all the time but nothing gets done around here?"

Samuel is quite busy these days. When he's not talking a blue streak, commenting on everything and making up stuff when he can't think of what to say, he's either washing the dishes or trying to find some other way to "help" me. Or he's eating. Seriously, he just finished a bowl of cereal, and he's now trying to get into the bag of Doritoes. So you can understand the extent of what I'm talking about, let me present you with a few images of life this past week:

Yes, that's knocking down a brick wall, assembling patio furniture, doing some cleaning, and playing at the park. Oh, and he paused in all his working to have a photo shoot with me, and in over twenty photos, this is the one I like the best:

And yesterday, after celebrating Memorial Day with several friends, swimming, and a potluck, he finished his day with a cupcake. Good thing he's just so darn cute.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I love you, Dad. I'm always very proud of your service to our country and, each Memorial Day, I'm thankful that you are still alive and well, that you came back to Mom and started our family, thankful that I see some of you in my son. And that he will grow up knowing who you are.

Knit Bit: Blocking & Bags

I have never blocked a knitted item before. In fact, I favor patterns that do not need to be blocked, because I fear it. (k2 p2 ribbings is by far my favorite) But no more! I took my mom's advice and plugged in the iron. Then I just let this scarf have it, and it worked great. Check it out:
the before part is on the right - see how it's curling up? The after is on the left - all nice and flat. Such satisfaction, this blocking stuff. Now I can finish my blanket that I have been knitting FORever - little squares that will make a knitted quilt. I need to knit up a few more but here's some:
(the squares at the top are the ones for my blanket; the other stuff is scarves and belts that I've made) And I've discovered the joy of knitting purses. I knit this little pink job, and it didn't come out the way I wanted it to, but it works very well as a little stash for knitting on the go. And it's so light that I can knit with it on my wrist to hold the yarn ball - very handy.
(Oh, the white stuff on my hand is paint primer. No, I'm not painting anything at my house. Just helping out paint sets for our church's VBS. I know, I know, I need a few more things to do, huh?)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

You Tube

There are lots of emails that you get that you think, Why?

But when my husband forwards me something, it's always a riot. You must go watch this video. Its six minutes of funny. Your kids will love it, too.

Go now. Enjoy the Evolution of Dance.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Before & After

I realized that I never called attention to the fact that our "new" room is pretty much finished. I mean, it's as done as it will get! So, some before and after pictures are in order.



We had to remove the window and put in another door due to some troubles with the city, but all is well now and we love this room. We hired someone to finish the paint and baseboards and trim, and then Stu did the lights. I'm so glad it's done.

Friday, May 26, 2006

While Watching Idol

Kevin Covais (aka Chicken Little) was singing, and Sally comments, "He's stopped blinking his eyes so much. That's a good thing."

She also refers to Chris Daughtry as "your guy, mom" and to Taylor Hicks as "Dad's favorite". She's been known to judge a singer as "a little pitchy" and "well, at least she tried."

Is she just the greatest or what?

At The Grocery Store

"HEY, wook! It's Charmin Ultra! We have that our house!"

And can you guess what he was pointing at? Can you?

The Charmin Ultra. He must like the bears on the commercial. The really funny thing is that is the kind I buy all the time, but I never say, "Oh, let's not forget the Charmin Ultra!" I just grab it and put it in the cart.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Idol

Another season of American Idol is over. Although Chris should have won, I'm glad it was Taylor and not Kat (sorry, Kat, but you forgot the words to two songs! Come on, girl. But your "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was truly wonderful).

The highlight of the two hour show, though, was not the very cool performance of Prince, which would shock you if you knew me in high school and knew just how much I loved the Purple Rain album. No, the best part for me was Mr. Clay Aiken.

The way he came out and sang with that very scary boy who claimed to be the next Clay but who really can't sing well and is not boyishly cute but rather SCARY, and if you saw the show, you know that he peed his pants with the excitement of being on the same stage as The Clay Aiken. (I would!) But Mr. Aiken was all class, singing with Scary Boy like he was just another Idol finalist and deserving of a duet. Classy. The hair in the eyes is not really doing anything for me, but the suit was nice. NICE!

So, American Idol, I'm glad you are over because now I have more free time to knit. I hope to not get lulled into watching another season, but we shall see what September will bring. Those tryouts are just too tempting . . . .

Three Things Thursday

(1) My family has a thing for ice cream. My dad began our love affair with ice cream, and my sister and I have lovingly continued the passion and tradition. At any given time, I can guarentee that my parent's freezer has at least two kinds of ice cream, and my sister usually has three or four kinds. Currently, I have three.

(2) Dryers spumoni ice cream is quite good.

(3) For Mother's Day, my darling gave me an ice cream maker. I am currently in the experimental stages of making kahlua coffee ice cream. This means it's good, but I'm still not satisfied with the flavorings, so I must make several batches to get it right. What a drag, huh?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To My Husband

Happy Anniversary!

Fourteen years today. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?

Yet again, when I think of us moving in that cramped little apartment with all of our new wedding gifts and our old, mis-matched, ugly furniture (our decorating theme was "free"), it seems like another lifetime ago.

And when I think of how we were without our kids, it seems like we were different people living a whole other life.

Then again, maybe it does feel like fourteen years. Except for the fact that you still surprise me sometimes, and I still like you. ("I like her. I really like her.")

And I love you, too. Happy Anniversary!

(Hey, I just had this thought: in another fourteen years, Sally will be in college and Samuel will be in high school. Scary, huh?)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sharing A Smoothie

Cute picture of the day. Check out Sally's tan! That is from two days swimming and soccer games. Imagine what she'll look like in August!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Wonders Will Never Cease

The girl left the house this morning without a front pony, the first time in about three weeks of front-pony-all-the-time. In fact, she asked me to put her hair in a bun - a darling cute bun - and she wore a cute pink outfit to school. (With bright blue socks - she is her own fashionista).

The boy ate two bowls of frosted mini wheats for breakfast.

Oh wait! He's making a mess washing the dishes. Whew. For a minute, I was wondering, Who are you people and what have you done with my kids?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chicken Pot Pies

Here they are! Big thanks to MrsFish for the technical support. Anyone used to watch "Just Shoot Me"? We did, and every time we have to sing, "Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot PIE!"

Three Things Thursday

(1) Samuel keeps wanting to wash the dishes. As you can guess, he doesn't really wash anything but makes a big mess. However, he thinks he's helping, and I want to encourage that, so I try and let him once or twice a day. When there are dirty knives in the sink, I say no. His response? "But I being nice!"

(2) I had to give Sally telephone-dialing lessons after she told me that, while I was gone one afternoon and she was here with her dad and her brother, she tried to call me and couldn't find the dash. "Where's the dash on this phone? I can't find it anywhere!" I gave her instructions, my cell phone number, and the house phone, and went into my room and waited for her call. She did it. I can't believe that we have never practiced this before.

(3) I made chicken pot pies last night. Did you hear that, Mom? Me. I made the crust, and guess what? You taught me well. It was quite tasty. And the best thing, aside from me not burning it and everything tasting so good, was that it was entirely homemade. I used chicken that I cooked, I used chicken stock that I made, and I used veggies that had nothing added to them except what I added. For me, who loves food from a drive-thru, this is quite an accomplishment. I have a lovely picture, but Picasa (the program I use to get the pictures onto my blog) is giving me issues and I can't get it to the blog successfully. Hopefully I'll figure it out later. Bloggers, any advice? It puts the little box with an 'x' icon in the middle, and when you click on it you can see the picture, but the picture never comes up on the blog page. I've republished and refreshed til my fingers hurt. Advice?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The first pool picture of the season. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This picture makes me so proud. Yes, that is my six year old daugher knitting. She asked me to teach her, and at first I held the needles and she threw the yarn over. Then she wanted to hold them herself, so I gave her the blue ball of yarn that I learned with a few years ago and these little double pointed needles. Since they are short, I thought that would be easier for her. She loves it!
 Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

If you don't think this is the cutest picture in the world, I will fight you and I will win! (He actually fell asleep like this on Mother's Day afternoon. I moved him to his bed, as they are both little heaters and would have never survived the two hour nap.) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Moms rule. To all the moms out there, my mom, my husband's mom, my husband's grandma, all our aunts, sisters, cousins, friends - we love you!

Friday, May 12, 2006

(Not so) Favorite Fotos Friday

I had a very cute picture picked out for today, but it will have to wait until next week, because Sally would be very upset with me if I don't post pictures of our possum encounter this morning. Yes, before school. Stuart opened the front door to a possum sitting on the wall - right by the front door. Serious heebie jeebies. Highlights of the morning included the kids sitting by the windows and giving me a play-by-play of possum behavior, possum grooming (kids: "isn't he cute?" me: "no."), the spotting of a second (bigger!!!) possum, the smaller one falling off the wall (!!!!!) and, my personal favorite, Sally's idea to get a pet parrot so we can teach him to say "possum" and alert us to their presence. As we were leaving for school, medium-sized-possum was back on the wall by the front door, and the kids stopped and stared, and I whispered "Go! Go!" and the only thing that went was the possum. Back into the large bush next to our front lawn. (I can't bring myself to post large pictures, so you can click to enlarge if you really want to.)

Good morning, vermin. Posted by Picasa

You know Sally will be talking about this all day at school. Posted by Picasa

This is medium-possum, where Stuart spotted him first and where he sat for about half an hour, grooming himself. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Three Things Thursday

(1) It has now been over 400 days since our Tivo made it's daily phone call. (Aren't we such the rebels? We never order pay per views! What's the point?)

(2) My dog fought with a possum early Wednesday morning. The possum played possum, curled up into a ball to trick my dog into thinking it was dead. My dog circled around his prey while I lamely stood at the door with a dog bone, trying to get the dog into the house. Yeah, right. This was at 3:00 am. The dog finally went to pee in the grass, and the possum got up and ran away. I hate possums.

(3) The first meal I ever made for my family, back when I was in school (junior high? high school? I can't remember) was lasagne. I messed up and used too much sauce on the bottom layers, so I didn't have quite enough for the top. The top noodles were still crunchy (it was a recipe where you don't pre-cook the noodles) and it was not very good. My dad ate two pieces. I think my sister ate a pb&j sandwich. On Tuesday, I made lasagne and it was good. Wow, it was very good. It was so good that my wonderful husband and I ate it two days in a row, and we are not good "eat the leftovers" kind of people. Watching all those cooking shows is really starting to pay off!

A Bathtime Story

Last night the kids took a bath. I've been having them bathe separately, but last night they wanted to go together so they could play. OK, fine. So they are having a great time, taking turns pouring water over each other's hair with a little plastic tea pot, laughing, getting along great. When it happens. "MOM! MOM! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" Can you guess what happened? Can you?

Someone pooped in the bathtub. (Hint: it wasn't the girl.) It was bound to happen sooner or later. So everyone stood up, the tub was drained, the offensive materials removed. Everyone was cleaned off with the shower and more soap. Sally was a little peeved. Rightly so, in my mind. So I tell her, "If it makes you feel any better, I'll be writing about this tomorrow on my blog."

She ponders this for a moment and says, "Yeah, it helps a little."

She's totally going to be a blogger in a few years, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sidebar News

I've made a new section on the sidebar, named affectionately after my husband's fondness for my knitting needles. There are lots and lots of knitting blogs out there, and I've jumped around to several of them, but I picked my three favorites. These three have lots of links to lots of stuff, and free patterns, too, if you are a knitter. (Shout out to Amber! You rock!)

And yes, I've taken off Desperate Housewives off my shows list. I'll watch it if I'm bored, but it has dived into some new lows, even for my low standards for television.

Junior Mints

I go to the movies with the ladies in my bible study once a month. We have a connection that gets us in free (you rock, J!) so we just pick the best movie and go. So last month, my friend scores me some Junior Mints, which they do not sell at the movie theater anymore, much to my sadness because Junior Mints, Milk Duds, and Dots are my most favorite movie candy. Anyway, I quite enjoyed those Junior Mints, until four days later when I discovered that three of them had escaped and embedded themselves into a small spiral notebook I had in my purse. They were in the spiral coil. I had to pick them out, then use a toothpick to get the last bits. So this is your friendly public service message: eat all your Junior Mints. Do not put them in your purse for later unless you have a ziplock baggie. Have a nice day.


The potty train has returned to the station. The only time he wants to go is when he wants a piece of gum. He's totally on to us.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Conversations with Sally

Sally: "Hey, SpongeBob is like the sponge that we have in the kitchen!"
Me: "Yes, that's why it's funny. When you think of a sponge that lives in the ocean, it's not the kind of sponge that you use to wash things. That's the joke."
Sally: "But Patrick is a starfish, like the starfish you find in the ocean."
Me: "Yes. See how that's funny?"
Sally: "Yeah! I get it!"
(Note: She's been watching SpongeBob for years and just 'got it' last week.)

Conversations with Samuel

Me: "Do you want cereal or a smoothie for breakfast?"
Samuel: "A smoothie."
Me: "What??? Don't you mean 'moovie'?"
Samuel: "Yeah, a smoothie."
Me: looks at husband with a pouty sad look
Stuart: "He says it right. Pretty soon he'll stop saying 'motorcidle', too."
Me: "Too fast. He's growing up way too fast."

Friday, May 05, 2006

I finished it! This picture makes the yarn look like DayGlo Craziness, but it is really very nice yarn. I should get a pic in sunlight and see if that looks better. But isn't the little mini-poncho so so cute? And the asian doll! Her name is Playful Patti. I know you are jealous. And Sally is "sporting the front pony", her own hair creation which she loves and her Dad encourages with great enthusiam. Posted by Picasa

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

If you are a regular around here, you know that I post Monday through Friday, usually in the morning. Well, hold on to your seats, because I have got the knitting bug and I must share! Below are just some (some! yes, that means there are more!) pictures of some of my knitting projects. Aren't they fun? Last night, I finished a long skinny belt, and now I'm working on a poncho for Sally's new doll. I'm using the same yarn that Sally's great grandma used to make her a poncho, but she crocheted the one for Sally, so my knitted one won't look exactly the same, but the effect will be cute. I'll post pictures of that when I am finished with it. My mom gave me about twenty pairs of knitting needles, including several double pointed needles, which thrill me to no end. I am currently looking for an easy (and free) pattern for socks. I'm going to be on a knitting kick for a few weeks, so feel free to skip these posts if you aren't interested. I won't be hurt.

This is part of the baby doll ensemble I've knitted for Sally's dolls. Here we have two pink blankets (really swatches of patterns I wanted to try), a larger multicolored blanket, a pink scarf for baby, and pink booties and a pink hat. I'm particularly fond of that hat, since I had no pattern, I just made it up. Skills, baby. I've got skills. Posted by Picasa

The Card Trick illusion scarf. When viewed straight on, you see stripes. But wait! There's more . . . . Posted by Picasa

TaDa! The images just pop out when you view the scarf at an angle. Posted by Picasa

You Bet We Do!

My friend, MrsFish, sent me this article yesterday about the salary for a full-time stay-at-home mom. $134,121. That's what I'm talking about!

Check it out here.

Oh, and to all the guys who read this: Mother's Day is May 14.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Three Things Thursday

Theme: Three Places I'd Like To See
(1) Luxor, Egypt - I would love to see a pyramid!
(2) Paris, France - I took three years of French in high school. I'd love to go to the museums and walk around the city. We went to London a few years back and I loved it. I love the big cities.
(3) New York, NY - I think I went there when I was very young, but I do not remember it very well. Besides, seeing things again as an adult is a whole new experience to me.

and a bonus:
For my husband, I'd like to take him to Washington DC for a few weeks. I went when I was young, and we spent a long time there and I remember it very well. He went there for an interview and was there a day. One day! We'd spend at least a week on the Smithsonian Museum, and even do the cheesy White House tour. Our friend is there now (Hi Jess! Miss you!).

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It Only Took 30 Days

I woke a few minutes before my alarm today.

I only hit the snooze once before I got up.

I made my husband and myself coffee.

I'm finally adjusted to daylight savings time.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun New Blogs To Read

Several of my friends have started blogs. If you snoop around my comments, you can click to their profiles and find them. I'll get around to putting some new links on the sidebar later this week, but for now, go check out Mary's LifeTheUniverseAndEverything, which has lots of fun goodies about books books books, and also lots of links to stuff, and Mary, who is fanTAStic.

About Grey's Anat

If you don't watch Grey's Anatomy, you might just want to skip this post. And if you didn't watch on Sunday, skip as well. I'm SO glad that George got his hair cut right! His self-cut was really really bad. Izzy - she's going to get kicked out of the program for getting involved with a patient! Come on people. And what about Dr. Addison, tying the tubes of that poor woman with seven kids and then getting sued for it by her husband? I wonder if things like that really happen. But the real reason for this post is Meredith's hair. Please, please cut your hair. It's too long and has no style. And Meredith, please eat something with some protein and fat. You are way too skinny. It's like Jon says - you are Dr. Ally McBeal - too thin and we want to slap you all the time.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Now that we are all healthy again, we had a fantastic fun-filled weekend. We took the kids mini-golfing for the first time on Friday night. They had a blast. Sally wants to quit soccer and start her career in mini-golf. (We said no.) Samuel actually started doing very well on the last few holes, a fact that made Stuart the proudest dad on the course. Samuel would position himself to tee off, then look back at us and say, "Is this right?" He's so so so cute.

I went to the gospel brunch at the House of Blues with some of my girlfriends on Sunday. It was so fun! I highly recommend it, if you are ever near Anaheim on a Sunday. Great food, excellent music, fun time.

We ended up with Ice Age 2, which the kids were going to see with Daddy while I was at brunch, but Samuel fell asleep so they ended up going to the 4:45 show, and I went with them. Samuel has decided that things are very funny, and he's developed this loud yell/laugh that kills me. And he kept saying funny loud things during the movie, like "Hey - it's Ice Age Two The Meltdown!" Or "Ouch! Dat hurt! HA ha!" It was very entertaining. Sally had such a fun weekend that she went to bed with absolutely no complaining at all. She's such a good kid.

So today it's laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and paying the bills. Yucky Monday.