Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I actually kinda like Halloween. I like dressing up; I like seeing the kids dress up; I like strangers giving me candy; I like having extra candy left around the house afterward.

Non-Christian thoughts about Halloween from a Christian? Maybe.

I mean, yes, I agree that I don't want to celebrate evil. And yes, some people see Halloween as a day to celebrate evil. And I agree that is bad.

But here's the thing: this morning, I wished a lady Happy Halloween. And I don't know if it was because she forgot that it is Halloween today, or if it was just really early in the morning to begin the festivities for her, or maybe it was just me, but she laughed. As we passed each other, she laughed. I made a stranger happy. That's something to celebrate.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleeping With Bread

Ah, the good stuff. The stuff that makes life sweet. The stuff that makes you jump out of bed, ready for the day because you can't wait to get at it again. The stuff that really makes you smile.

The good stuff this week: knitting knucks. Knucks are fingerless gloves that were featured in the on-line knitting magazine, Knitty, last issue and they have charmed me. Certainly one of the more difficult projects I have ever attempted, I am smitten. They already look like gloves! Ask my husband when you see him - I'm silly happy about this project.

Other good stuff is afoot at our house, and God is indeed good to us! More to come on that topic later, but for now, I must take my boy to the park. Monday is park day for us. I'm going to do some swinging.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Favorite Fotos Friday

Here is Princess Sally presiding over her homework.

(Tiara is for an upcoming wedding ~ she's a flower girl.)

Here is dashing young Samuel in his new tux.

Back off, ladies! He's still all mine (at least for the next 13 or so years)

(Tux is for the above mentioned wedding)

Ah, yes, here we have the yummy Pocket Pies ~ chocolate version ~ with vanilla bean ice cream and decaf coffee. Pocket Pies were made by the whole family after watching Alton Brown's show for several seasons and never making anything. Sally, we finally made something! (PS: If you follow the link to the recipe, I have to tell you, the strawberry jam pies are my favorite. I was not too fond of the chocolate filling, and if we make them again - I mean WHEN we make them again, I'll put mini marshmallows and chocolate chips inside.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Three Things Thursday

(1) It is very windy here today.

(2) The windy season reminds me of my sophomore year of college when, in total frustration and pain because of the wind constantly blowing stuff in my eyes, I threw away my contacts and went back to wearing glasses all the time.

(3) A good tip for the windy season: watch your car doors. Those things fly open faster than you would guess is possible.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Lists

Seriously, I've got lots to do today. So, since my mind is racing around and I really can't think of anything clever to tell you, here's some lists. (Fun for you, good for clearing my head)

Things I've Done Today:
checked emails
walked the girl to school
grocery store
clean kitchen

Things I've Yet To Do:
post office (mailing off the Caps to the Capital!)
pay bills
update checkbook

Things I Want To Do (but might not get time):
update my bookshelf blog (woefully behind there)
finish the pink blanket for my friend's baby
read some in my book
watch the movie I taped on Monday

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sleeping With Bread

Samuel and I went to the park today, just the two of us. We went on the swings. I pumped my legs fast until I was going very high, so high that my stomach did a little flip on the way down. Then I leaned way back and looked up at the tops of the trees and the sky and I let my hair blow around in the wind and it felt like childhood.

Swings are good.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Favorite Fotos Friday

Sally was a little upset over the taste of fresh coconut.

So cute!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three Things Thursday

I recently updated my resume. "Interests and Activities" include:

(1) Reading (of course)
(2) Knitting (no surprise there)
(3) Weblog Design (this pleases me to no end ~ I feel so clever ;) )

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mumbled Musings

It's Wednesday. I've been sitting here thinking of something funny to write about, a cute kid story, an inspiration about something, but I've got nothing. I've been working on that baby blanket - messed up the border and had to rip back about five rows, but oh well. I fixed the problem and this blanket is way way cute. I knitted up a pair of baby booties for Samuel's teacher and she bought them from me. (Hmmm . . . . a knitting home based business. Perhaps. . . .) I finished the last hat and I'm going to pack those up today. I need to fold the clothes in the dryer and change someone's sheets. Also, the coffee is ready. Ahhh, coffee :) I've been watching The View, and I just can't help it - I love Rosie! I can't for the life of me figure out why I like her, but I do. She's likeable. Yesterday she showed how she carves pumpkins and then sticks Christmas lights through holes in the pumpkin - cool. Very cool. Tonight's LOST, and I am loving that show. I finally finished a long book I've been reading, so I'll be updating the book blog later this week. Well, that's about it. I'm getting some coffee now!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Conversations with Samuel

overheard while watching cartoons:

"Oh! I've seen this one! I SO WUV this one! Mom, did you see that?"

Yeah son, I see that. I also see that you are starting to talk like your sister.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sleeping With Bread Monday

I had the greatest weekend with the gals from my church at our women's retreat. If you are a woman and have never been on a woman's retreat, all I can say is that you are missing out. What a blast we had! Talking over good food, sharing our struggles and triumphs, playing games and cards and passing around way too much candy and cookies, and laughing and laughing and laughing. It was excellent. The theme was God's Grace, and it was so encouraging to hear stories of how God is working in the lives of my friends and how we all struggle with accepting such a precious gift without thinking we have to work to "earn" the favor of God.

The only down side? I missed my family.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Favorite Fotos Friday

Dawn on Kauai
Sally and I walked down to the beach while it was still dark and watched the sun rise. It was beautiful. In the first picture, the lights are still on along the path. It made the morning feel enchanted.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Three Things Thursday

Three Things You Know Now That You Didn't Know Then

(1) The most consistent thing in life is that things change.

(2) People are usually more concerned with what they are wearing than with what you are wearing.

(3) Laughter and friendship are as important to physical health as diet and fitness.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knit Bit: Hats and Blocks

I took my stash of cotton yarn and the preemie hat pattern with me to Hawaii, and while I was there I whipped out a few more hats. Here's the first five. I have one more on the needles, and then they are off to Washington DC. (this is for the Caps to the Capital project; link on the sidebar) My mother-in-law is also whipping out the hats (she has made more than ten!) and it was very cool to see her crocheting one on the airplane. Great conversation starters, and a great knit (or crochet) in public project. (Pattern note: I did the first one in the round, but since it's a small hat, I had some trouble with the needles. I did the rest flat and then sewed the seam, and it is a much faster way to knit them.)

I started this Baby Blocks blanket on Monday for a friend who recently had a baby. I did the greatest thing: I took the numbers from the baby's birthday, and used them to form the blanket. (I'm so pleased with the cleverness of this idea.) It's a fun project and I'm enjoying knitting it. Note the pretty stitch markers at work :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Better That Way

When I was in high school, I got up one morning and my mom told me to not eat any breakfast. In fact, she said, don't drink anything either, because you are having oral surgery today. She didn't tell me earlier because she wanted me to get a good night's sleep and she didn't want me to worry. I didn't even see it coming.

Today, I took Sally to the dentist. I didn't tell her last night or this morning that we were going. I just showed up at her school and asked the secretary to get her for me. She didn't see it coming either.

Sometimes, it's better if you don't see something coming.

PS - no cavaties (whoo hoo!) but tooth crowding means an orthodontist consult is in our near future

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sleeping With Bread Monday

My friend Mary started the Sleeping with Bread meme, and I really like the idea of taking time to reflect over the past week, to look at the bad stuff and the good stuff, and to put thoughts into words. Great idea, and great metaphor. However, recent events (some that I'm not ready to blog about, some that I can never blog about) have brought me to this: I will reflect and comment on the good. The bad, it's there, but I don't want to talk about it anymore.

~Good Things~

~ Our family had a great, fun, relaxing time in Hawaii.
~ Samuel is starting to pronounce words correctly. "Wuv" is sounding more like "love" and our beloved "motorsidle" is being replaced with "motorcycle". It's good, in a bittersweet sort of "He's growing up so fast" kind of way.
~ We are all healthy.
~ Last night, Sally read a book to Samuel. Without being asked to. And she got almost all of the words correct on her own.
~ We serve a wonderful and amazing God.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Did you know that the public libraries near me have lots of knitting books?

The library in my town is very generous with their renewal policy, too.

746. That's the number where the knitting books are shelved in the non-fiction section.

I thought if I wrote it down, I may have a shot at remembering it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

favorite foto friday

Well kids, we only took 316 photos while in Kauai, so picking a few favorites is a daunting task. But here you go. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kid Pics!

Sally and Samuel in Hanapepe, the home of Lilo and Stitch.
(Notice the similarities . . . )

Samuel, Sally, and their cousin, K.

Would you believe this is one of the best pictures I could get of them?

Banana macademia pancakes - yum!

(Note the knitted market bag - finished the night before we left!)


I took several black and white photos of flowers while we were in Hawaii. I have a wall in our family room that I am doing a multi-frame installation of my photography (don't I have visions of grandeur?) and these are some of the prints that I will frame and hang.

Almost Famous

OK, not really, but when I got a comment from maggie about my pumpkin muffin recipe, I decided to google myself (Sherry, I'm giggling at that!) and someone posted MY RECIPE on recipelink.com. Can you believe that? I think I'm flattered. So I put the Posted Recipes category back on the sidebar. Enjoy, Internet!

Three Things Thursday

(1) I was a mathematics major in college.
(2) My favorite strand of math is geometry.
(3) My favorite shape is a circle. (I also like spheres and regular hexagons)

So sorry, regular TTT players, that I didn't even do my own theme suggestion! I blame the PTCS (post trip cleaning syndrome). I'll do that theme next week!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Take Two

Here's that picture again of Lydgate Park. I accidentally linked the whole picture in the previous post when I wanted to just link the words, so you can't see it bigger to find Sally and Stuart (and other people you may recognize if you know our family). So click on this one to see it bigger :)

Hawaii Pics

A picture really doesn't do it justice.
Especially one taken from inside a moving vehicle.

The rocks create a calm swimming area.
Great for kids. Lots of little fish in there!
(Sally and Stuart are both in this picture)

The sound the water makes is fascinating.

I'm Back!

Hello, dear readers. Sorry I've been gone for so long. I had to take the family to Hawaii this past week. (Rough, I know, but I took a hit for the team.) We were blessed to be able to go to Kauai for a week with several members of Stu's family (pics coming as soon as I get permission to post). We had a blast! We stayed in Poipu (on the southeast coast), drove all around the island, and the kids learned to snorkel. Two mornings Sally and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise, a beautiful and magical thing. This picture was on one of those mornings - sunrise is at 6:30, but since that is 9:30 California time, we had no trouble waking up in time for the show. My camera really couldn't capture the amazing colors of the sky, but I was happy to get this shot with the sun's rays among the clouds.

We also went to Spouting Horn, the location of this group photo, which has the best local shopping - small local vendors set up right on the way to the view. The kids were thrilled by the chickens running everywhere - Kauai Free Chickens (get the KFC joke, Kentucky Coop Chickens?) Sally was happy to find a few chicks, too.

We got to drive through the famous Tree Tunnel almost every time we left our condo, and toward the end of our trip, I bought an Iz cd and we turned on his "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World" song while driving through the trees. I think that I will always think of this week, driving in the car with my family, seeing the beautiful handiwork of God, whenever I hear that song.

Well, as you can imagine, we are wading through trip debris, piles of (thankfully) clean laundry, and trying to stay awake so we can go to bed at a "normal" time in hopes of resetting our internal clocks back to the proper time zone. Add to all of that finish Sally's homework, pick up the dog, run to the store for fresh milk, and get to soccer practice. Aloha for now - more pictures to come!