Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleeping With Bread

Ah, the good stuff. The stuff that makes life sweet. The stuff that makes you jump out of bed, ready for the day because you can't wait to get at it again. The stuff that really makes you smile.

The good stuff this week: knitting knucks. Knucks are fingerless gloves that were featured in the on-line knitting magazine, Knitty, last issue and they have charmed me. Certainly one of the more difficult projects I have ever attempted, I am smitten. They already look like gloves! Ask my husband when you see him - I'm silly happy about this project.

Other good stuff is afoot at our house, and God is indeed good to us! More to come on that topic later, but for now, I must take my boy to the park. Monday is park day for us. I'm going to do some swinging.


AmberJ said...

Sounds like fun! Hope you don't get sick on the swings -- or was that me?

chickenone said...

You got me curious... how has God been good to you?

Hope everybody is doing well. Have fun trick-or-treating.

Mary-LUE said...

If the knitting knucks turn out good, I'll pay you to make me a pair. I bet they'll come in handy for cold walks this winter!

Looking forward to coffee on Thursday. ;)

Child of God said...

Ok, now I'm DYING of curiosity.

Sheila said...

Ok, curioous people, we have been in a job transition stage around here and things are moving very quickly (much quicker than we expected) and it is clear that God is very good to us. As you can guess, I have to be careful about blogging such things until other things are finished . . . yeah, you get it. Transition is not over, but the end is in sight and it looks good.

Sherry C said...

Transition, huh? Sounds exciting. I do so love change--or at least good change.

Swinging...ugh. I can't say that I am a fan of it, but I envy those who are.

I can remember, even as a kid on the playground, wishing that I could enjoy swinging, but very quickly getting a headache and slight nausea--becoming increasingly worse the longer I insisted on forcing myself to "enjoy" swinging.

I suppose that is why I became such a daredevil at jumping off of swings. I could only stand the motion long enough to get myself really going high, and then I had to find a speedy way off.

To this day, if I do swing with my kids, I can't stand slowing to a gradual stop. I hop off, albeit not from the same height as I used to. I'm not showing off; I'm just making a quick exit.

I also can't stand repetitive motion thrill rides; they have the same effect on me. But the huge roller coasters, with their big drops and loops, are completely to my liking. Someone ought to do a study on this phenomenon.

Juliabohemian said...

I saw a book at Petco which was all knitting patterns for Dogs. It was in the clearance bin. I can't imagine why...