Thursday, May 31, 2007

Knit Bit: Baby Knits

Here is the baby blanket I was working on - all done! I used a free pattern from Lion Brand, and of course changed the colors and stripe pattern a bit. I used Microspun in white and red, and Babysoft in bubblegum and pastel pink. I made the stripes in even rows - six rows for each combo. For Amber (smiles), I started with two colors - one microspun and one babysoft. I knit six rows. Then I changed to the different babysoft color and knit six rows. Then I changed to a different microspun color and knit six rows. This worked for me. Another way to make the color changes easier is to knit more rows in each combo. I like using the random way to change colors - roll a die and multiply by two. I also like six, ten, and sixteen row stripes, because then there are three, five, and eight garter stripes on each side, and those are Fibonacci numbers. (Yes, I am a math geek. Don't you all know that by now?)

Here's the new sweater I'm knitting. I have two pregnant mommies close to me, and if either of them have a baby boy, it's theirs. (If they are both girls, well, I'll have to make friends with a mom of a newborn baby boy!) This is the cotton-ease yarn. I love it. The colors are Stone and Lake. (And for the knitters out there, that is a crochet cast-on on the bottom. Nice, eh?)


AmberJ said...

You rock! I knew you would have the answer to my most complex questions! :)

(I was even going to ask about the Fibonacci numbers -- figuring it had to do with a super-model -- but you beat me to that punch.)

I'm on my second round of the colors, but maybe it isn't too late to do one of your suggestions. I like knitting for more rows -- it looks like you have the same effect. The blanket is beautiful!

grandma tina said...

such beautiful work...from a beautiful woman!

Steph said...

...this has evolved to become far more than a hobby... you are a knitting pro! :) ...perhaps we can petition it as the next olympic sport?