Wednesday, May 30, 2007


May is almost over. I don't know where the last two months have gone. They have flown by so quickly. I remember, being a kid, and these last months of school - Easter to the last day in June - used to go by so slowly. Now it seems I turn around and they are gone.

We have been swimming every weekend. The pool is almost to a great temperature, and the weather has been nice and warm. It's been cool at night, which I really love.

I finished a baby blanket and a one year old blanket this week, and started another baby sweater. I'm using a yarn called Cotton-Ease (it's a Lion brand yarn) and I love it. I think it's my new favorite yarn. My next sweater for me will be with this yarn. I tried the new Vanna's Favorite yarn and, although I like the color (a silver-blue), I'm not liking the yarn all that much.

I put up some new posts over at The Bookshelf. Spring is always a big reading time for me. I'm already having trouble being faithful to Anna Karenina (does anyone else think that is too funny?), but I really want to finish it this summer.


AmberJ said...

That is funny.

I tried to muddle through AK a few summers ago but found I just DIDN'T CARE enough about the characters or their plight to read more. I think I made it about this far into the book before giving up.

I'm looking forward to reading your review of it on your bookshelf page.

AmberJ said...

Oh, and I forgot to ask you: I am trying to do the baby blanket you did a few months ago. The one that switches colors every 2nd or 3rd row. It's a Lion Brand pattern...anyway, Is there an "easy" way to knit through this without stopping to change colors so often? The blanket is easy enough to knit, I'm just too impatient with having to change colors so often.

Sheila said...

Amber - I just finished that one! :) I'll put up a pic and some hints tomorrow for you :)

Mel said...


She was having a bit of a problem with faithfulness herself.

I struggled through the read--but I can't say I added it to my lists of 'must read again' books.

Or maybe I oughta so I 'get' the literary genius of it?