Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three Things Thursday

I went to a meeting last night about Christianity and public schools. It was very interesting and encouraging. Here's three things I learned:

(1) California and Massachusetts are the top states when it comes to the amount of Biblical stories that are in the state curriculum standards.

(2) January 16 is Religious Freedom Day in our country. When the speaker was discussing what types of activities would be appropriate to observe this day, someone asked if this would be encouraging people of other religions to bring their religious (non-Biblical) literature to school. He said, "Yes, that IS what freedom is all about." (I just liked him so much for that.)

(3) There is an excellent article about tolerance here.


atillc said...

Yay, Massachusetts....after California, of course!

Mel said...

Wow.......what a great explanation of 'tolerance'!

I'm gonna snag that one for my own personal reference.