Friday, June 22, 2007

Birthday Boy

Samuel is four years old today. If you want to read my Samuel story again, you can find it here. We celebrated with a small party last night - complete with the required Spiderman cake. Pictures to come. Thanks to all who sent things (A. Harr and U. Ted - he LOVED the package of goodies - thank you!) and to everyone who came last night. He kept saying over and over, "I'm so lucky. I'm just so lucky." We all are, buddy. Happy Birthday!


paul and andi said...


Steph said...

Seriously... we are all so lucky... I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to read about Samuel and Sally on your blog everyday... they're awesome!

Mel said...

Spiderman cake and dolphin goggles!

WAY cool!

Happy Birthday Samuel!
And Happy Birth Day, Mom!

Andy said...

so stinkin' cute.

U Ted and A Harr said...

Soooo adorable and sweet! How Good is God!