Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bleached T-shirts

Last night I broke my camera. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed - I think one of the focusing lenses is adjusted wrong and needs to be put back in it's place. I'm too sad to even try to get the certainly cute pictures off of it that I took last night before I broke it. So, we will have to do with this image from earlier:
These are the smiley face pirate shirts that I made for the family. They are a riot. I love them so much. Here's how you do this: first, get a dark shirt t-shirt. Pre-washing is preferred, but I didn't do that. Find an image you like. I found stuff off of the internet, photoshopped it to the right size, and printed it out. Now, get some contact paper. Any kind will do. Cut a piece slightly larger than your image. You are going to cut both the image paper and contact paper at the same time, so get ready to hold them together tightly or attach them. I used staples for cutting out the ship because it was so intricate - I cut the sail side first, then did the waves last. With the faces, it was easier, and I actually was able to use the pattern more than once by taping the edges and cutting through the tape. Do the middle parts first with very small scissors, then cut the outside part. Now for the fun - stick the contact paper wherever you want your image, and put some cardboard or plastic bags inside your shirt so that the bleach doesn't soak to the back. Get a spray bottle (I used an empty glasses cleaner bottle) and fill it with half bleach and half water. Go outside (trust me) and spray bleach around the image. I used a paper towel to blot the contact paper, because I really don't know what happens when contact paper and bleach mix. Spray as much or little as you like. Let it dry, and then bleach it again. More bleach = more white. Less bleach = interesting variations of color (see the shades of orange above). Experiment to see what you like best. I dried mine in the sun for an hour, then turned inside out and washed in cold. Have fun, people!

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Mel said...

Oh you clever person!!

What a cute idea.
What a GREAT idea that I'll haffta steal for the kiddos at work!

The t-shirts are absolutely wonderful!!!