Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conversations with Sally

Sally: "I need a costume for my play at school."
Me: "OK. Who are you?"
Sally: "I'm Rapunzel's mother. I'm supposed to look like I don't have a lot of money."
Me: "Do you want to wear a dress? I have one of Dad's old shirts - it will look like a dress that is too big for you."
Sally: "Oh, that's good. I like that."
Me: "How about your hair?"
Sally: "I'll just make it messy. Then I'll look like an old lady."
Me: "I don't think Rapunzel's mom was an old lady."
Sally: "Yeah she was. She was like in her 20s or 30s."


Mel said...

Bless her little heart.

*going to check my hair now!* LOL

vernette said...

Ah yes, the innocence of youth. I love it!