Friday, June 29, 2007

Favorite Fotos Friday: VBS

Our church does a family-style vacation bible school that we call FAM JAM. This week we have been singing, playing games, doing crafts, and learning about serving the True Captain at our pirate-themed Treasure Quest. Yeah, it's been a blast. The first night's message was "Arr Ya Seeking?" and the second was "Arrr Ya Giving?" Here is Samuel and Stuart:
Notice Stuart's sweet pirate ship shirt. I made that. Yep - made it myself. It's an image from the publicity for our event, and I used bleach in a spray bottle. Because I am a good and kind crafty blogger, I will post specific directions for making your own. I have more shirts to show you, too. But not right now. You have to come back next week.
Here's Sally sporting an eye patch. That's Joey behind her - he joined our family for the week.This is Samuel listening to the message last night - "Arrr Ya Serving?"

Look at the concentration. FAM JAM rocks!


AmberJ said...

I love the theme! Sounds like fun. Our church does something similar called Summer Festival for two weeks in August.

Tito J said...

I love the reverse bleach stencil tshirt idea. I especially like the stormy looking edges around the pirate ship on Stu's shirt.

grandma tina said...

You are awesome.....and so clever too :)