Sunday, June 10, 2007

Help out a friend (of a friend)

Hey cookie lovers! Do me a favor, please. My #1 blogger friend, the one who started it all, Sherry, has a friend, Dan, who has created a delicious and lovely cookie to celebrate Mrs. Field's 30th Anniversary. Anyway, he needs your help. Go vote! Vote here - find "Chocolate Mint Explosion" and go to the bottom and click on "vote". It's that simple. Oh, and here is the recipe if you want a taste for yourself. I need to go make a shopping list . . . .those look too good to pass up! Oh, and good luck, Dan!


rvodyssey said...

I am not a baker but these cookie look heavenly. After I voted I checked out the recipe just in case, but I think not.

Mel said...

Oh I'm hungry for a good cookie!

Dan said...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the vote! I should know in a week or two if I'm in the finals. I'll make sure Sherry knows.

Thanks again!