Monday, June 04, 2007

Sleeping With Bread Monday

What has brought me grief this week?

There is much to be sad about. Many marriages in my circle of friends are going through serious situations. It is painful. Sally is starting to ask questions that, although Stuart and I are both talking to her and answering what we can, I don't really want to tell her these things. I don't want her to ask. I don't want her to know. I think I just don't want her to grow up so fast.

What has brought me joy this week?

Stuart's sister is staying with us now, and her daugher (who I will call K) is so funny. Watching K with my kids is such a balm to my spirit. Yesterday we all swam together in the afternoon, and then it was reading and playing and nap time (although I was the only one who actually slept!) and then we had dinner together. It was an altogether lovely day. Samuel, at almost 4, and K, at almost 2, are close in age and they are both "no sleep kids". So Sally was asleep at 8:00, but the two young ones stayed up a bit longer and we laughed at how silly they are together. Laughter is very good medicine.

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