Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Typical SoCal Evening

Last week, Stuart and I had a night out. We went to hang out at his friend's boat. She has a really cool sailboat, and next year she is taking off and sailing around the world. Isn't that the coolest thing? Anyway, as I was sitting there, sipping white wine, eating some really good English cheddar from Trader Joes, and watching the palm trees blow in the wind, I thought to myself, this is so SoCal! And something I don't get to do too often anymore. After catching up on all the company gossip (everyone there was ex-employees from a company Stuart worked at two jobs ago), we walked over to The Crab Pot. Now I'm not much for crab, so I had some clam chowder in a sourdough bowl, and it was excellent. The rest of our party had the crab dinner - the kind that comes in a huge stainless steel bowl and gets dumped out in the middle of the table and you get a little board and a hammer and get to work. (It reminded me of that scene in Jerry Maguire.) Watching everyone crack open a crab leg and enjoy themselves was an entirely enojoyable experience. (It could have been the wine, or the fact that our kids were at a friend's house. Hard to tell.)
(The picture is from The Crab Pot website - if you live in the area, I highly recommend this restaurant!)

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andi said...

i have ALWAYS wanted to go to a place like that! what a great evening for the two of you.