Thursday, July 12, 2007

Catching Up

It's been busy. My sister and her two boys were here, and my mom and dad decided to come over and join the fun. We went to the beach (Balboa, by the pier), to Chuck E Cheese, to the penny sale at Staples (twice), and swam more times than I can count. We made smores around our little fire bowl in the back yard, we painted picture frames and collected shells to glue on them, and the kids built a fort in the front living room. A fun full time.

We have a wedding this weekend, and I don't like any of my shoes. I have to pick one to settle for or find some sandals on sale.

Samuel gained two pounds in the last three weeks. Doesn't sound like much unless you consider that is almost 7% of his total weight. He's growing. He is getting really good at swimming - he can get a dive stick off of the bottom of the middle of the pool (4-5 feet deep) and can swim about half of the length. I still don't trust him - he lacks common sense and still has no fear.

Sally learned how to play my favorite rummy game last night. She's so cute when she plays cards, showing everything on her face. Last week she swam the length of the pool in one breath. She's a real fish. Both of the kids are into Pokeman cards, and Sally received a PeekAPooh last week and is completely smitten. I found a vending maching at a local restaurant, and now she wants to go there all of the time.

I'm almost finished with a bag that I am knitting up. I have two more side seams, and I started the handles this morning. I started with a garter stitch handle, which didn't seem right. Then I tried a stockenette stitch with a garter stitch border, and that was no good either. Finally I found a circlular needle in size US10, and I'm doing a five stitch i-cord. I think it's big enough for some cording to be threaded through the middle, which will make really strong handles. I'm working on some pictures (still have to find that cord for the older camera . . . .). Meantime, if you need to see some good knitting, go here. Beautiful baby sweater. For some great yarn, look here. I love her pictures.

Also, shouts out to Alison, who has a great post about marriage this week. My homeschooling (old earth creationist) friend has a great homeschool blog, but even if you aren't into homeschooling she's got lots of great information for parents. Good luck to my sister and her hubby who are running, swimming, and cycling in a triathlon this weekend.

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paul and andi said...

See you soon! Love that she loves peek-a-poohs. We are displaying our painted, clear glass stones proudly and were so honored to have received Pokemon cards... Maybe a good game of cards is in order this weekend!