Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Catching Up

"When is the last time that you've done something for the first time?"

I'm finally home from a long weekend that I made a little longer. The whole family drove up to San Francisco on Saturday morning for a family wedding (congratulations, G & J!). The drive went well and we only got into traffic once we hit the Bay Area, which I think has as much traffic as LA, but in a much smaller space. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and was at City Hall, which is more like a museum than anything else. It's amazing. It got late and the boy wanted to go to bed, so we had to leave a bit early. Stuart and I went outside to wait for the cab that his mom called for us, but since the dispatcher said they were really busy and couldn't tell us when they would get there, I hailed my first cab. (I know, I'm a bit old for never having done this, but I just don't live in cities where I would need to use a cab. Every other time I've been in a cab I've either called for it or had someone else to hail one for me.)

We had brunch in the city, and then drove to Oakland Airport to drop off Stuart, who flew home to attend a meeting. The kids and I drove up to his mom and step-dad's house, north of Sacramento. We stayed there for a night, then I met my sister for lunch on Monday. Samuel had been a little sick (he threw up at brunch, and was running a fever) so she said I should spend the night at her house. It didn't take much to talk me into doing that, so we stayed. The kids played together and my sister and I had fun drinking wine and working on a puzzle (it's our thing).

I drove home on Tuesday. A very long drive when you are the only driver - it took me eight hours. I got to LA right about the time traffic picks up, so I was about half an hour longer than my TomTom's arrival time (TomTom is a navagation thing that is excellent for reduced stress when traveling). The kids were great and nobody threw up in the car, which means it was a good trip. We stopped at Wendy's and got another book on CD - the Arthur one - and I was too happy to get the kids meal because we have listened to the Magic Tree House CD about six times in the last four days. Samuel loves it.

Stuart and I saw the Harry Potter movie on Friday night (thanks, Beth, for watching the kiddos!) and it was really really great. It may be my favorite movie so far, but I am still partial to #3 (my favorite book is still #3). I'm reading book #6 in prepairation for book #7 THIS FRIDAY!!! Today, though, is emails and laundry and then we are off to the Fair!

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Lisa P said...


You were in my neck of the woods--it would have been fun to pop by and see you. Hope your boy is feeling better, and congrats on no throwing up in the car!