Thursday, July 05, 2007

Celebrating the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July, people! We had a banner day over here - we went a few cities over to score some fireworks, and the kids had such a blast. We got sparklers - can you believe that they have never done sparklers before? A shame! - and a bunch of assorted popping white and pink and green fireworks. It was really fun.

Also, I want to promote Wendy's and a kid's meal toy that I can really be happy about - books on CD. We went there yesterday for lunch and the kids got The Magic Treehouse (book 1) on CD. They have four different stories, so you can bet that we will be going back. Also they have new menu choices for the kids meals, for those of you healthy parents out there (turkey and cheese sandwich & yogurt with granola). Plus, they have a new vanilla frosty float - yum.

Today we are off to the library and to the camera repair shop. Wish me luck!


joelle said...

good tip on Wendy's!

andi said...

Sparklers! WOO! And by the way... I'M HUUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGRRRRRYYYY! Can't wait to see you guys again in about a week.

Sheila said...

OH - I forgot to write about the way Samuel plays Hungry Hungry Hippos - he yells at top volume: "I'M HUNGRY! I'M A HIPPO AND I'M HUNGRY!" Andi and Paul had the delightful experience of playing with Samuel on Tuesday :) (I think Paul won every game. He's got Hungry Hippo skills!)

Child of God said...

We got the MTH #1 the other day. Of course, EE has them all practically memorized. But I haven't been able to get AA into the series. But since this was a so-called "Happy Meal Toy" she was ready to take the plunge. Hooray! Those books are awesome!