Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conversations with Samuel

(during breakfast)
Samuel: "Mom, you know what I love? I love those marshmallows with the chocolate and the graham crappers . . . "
Me: "The WHAT?"
Samuel: "Uuhhhh . . ."
Both kids: dissolve into giggles


alison said...

Today might be the day for strawberry jello salad!

I'll let you know.

Steph said...

hahahahah! ...your house may be the only house i'd be willing to try crappers at lol. I hope you're doing well! Love you!

Mel said...


You gotta love that kiddo.
You just GOTTA!

alison said...

Came to report that I did indeed make your "salad" (to rave reviews from my family and our guests) and read my previous post which looks strange. I was essentially stumbling into your kitchen and rifling through your recipe files announcing my intentions on my way out the door...if that makes any sense.

It was fantastic.

Thanks for posting the recipe.

andi said...

OH to have been a fly on the wall at that moment. I can't stop laughing... I think the people around me at work are wondering what's wrong with me ;)