Saturday, July 21, 2007

HP7: Bookstore

I showed up at the bookstore at 10:30 last night, and I am so glad I waited in line that morning! I met one girl who had a number in the 500s - mine was 132. There were lots of people dressed up - much more than last time - and the sense of community was so great. I talked with a woman who was crocheting a blanket - we talked about The Eyre Affair and how tired we were - and I saw several people from my church there. I got my book at 12:59 am and was home by 1:15. I read until a little after 3:00 (on the couch, Alison - I couldn't read in the bed next to my sleeping husband, who will patiently wait until I am done with the book to read it himself - such a good man) and then fell asleep. I had a birthday party this morning (Happy Birthday, Mia!) and then an errand to run before I came home. It's now quiet time in our house, and the kids know that they need to leave me alone to read. Still, they keep asking me what chapter I am on, and since Ms. Rowling writes pretty short chapters, they are always impressed with me. I won't talk about the contents of the book here - check on the Bookshelf blog next week if you are interested in what I think about it. So far, I like it very much.


Mary-LUE said...

Our copy arrived via UPS and early this afternoon. Colin is gobbling it up as I type.

Tito Juanito said...

My friends work at an indie bookstore in downtown Berkeley. They said business doubled when the Barnes and Noble across the street closed. The HP sales have been even better. For ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, they took 80 reservations. For DEATHLY HALLOWS, they had 400 people sign up.

Mel said...


Somehow I knew what your weekend looked like! LOL

I'm almost relieved it was worth the efforts.
Imagine if it hadn't been! ;-)