Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knit Bit: Organic Cotton

Remember this yarn?
I have a project for it now. But, listen to this: I lost it. This is how bad it has gotten with me - I have actually lost yarn inside my own house. It wasn't in my project bags, it wasn't in my stash boxes, it wasn't shoved in my closet. I racked my brain trying to remember where I put it. I went into the garage, thinking, this is the only place I haven't looked, but it can't be here, because I would never put lovely yarn out in the garage. Yeah, I found it in the garage. I had stashed it in a bag that I wasn't using, and then I put the bag in a storage container for bags that I'm not using but not ready to give away yet. (Yes, it's a problem, but I'm working on it.) So today I cast on for a wee little project that should be done in a few days.

I love knitting.


AmberJ said...

I'm not seeing the problem here.
Too much yarn? Nope, no such thing.
Too many bags? Nope, could never happen.

Keeping yarn in a safe place...and then forgetting where that "safe" place is...?

Sorry, I just don't see the problem.

Sheila said...

Aw, Amber, you are a good friend!