Tuesday, July 31, 2007

San Diego Weekend

The kiddos are at my parent's house for Cousin's Camp. This is when my kids and their two cousins spend a week with my parents, getting spoiled and playing and having a blast. Sally misses us, but Samuel is just fine. So Stuart and I decided to go down to San Diego and check out the Dead Sea Scrolls. I don't have my new camera yet, but no matter - no cameras are allowed anywhere near the scrolls. It was a great exhibit, full of lots of history and the various theories about the site at Qumran. I didn't realize that there was a castle that they found near the caves that hid the scrolls, but this castle (at Qumran) is really interesting. We watched a presentation that showed what it probably looked like, and explained their complex water system - water from flash floods in the mountains was collected and flowed through the buildings, probably for drinking, bathing, making clay pots, and providing water for animals. The presentation also discussed the dining room, the pantry, and the room where people probably wrote the scrolls. If you are even a little bit interested in this stuff, you should go see the exhibit. But please - leave your kids at home. It is long and not appropriate for young kids.

At the end of the exhibit, there are several very old Bibles on display, most of them from a collection in Russia. Also there is on display some pages from The Saint John's Bible. This is the first handwritten Bible made in 500 years, and it is just beautiful. No words can describe to you how amazing this project is. Literally, it stunned me by the colors of the artwork and the precise neatness of the letters. Go check out the links and see for yourself - you can order notecards of some of the artwork, too. (This picture was at the museum and the colors are just so vivid and, seriously, I'm trying to describe something to you that I just can't find the words for.)

After about two hours reading and listening to the presentation, my brain was full and I couldn't take anymore. We went to dinner at The Fish Market, and you'll have to ask Stuart why this picture is so darn funny. He'll tell you a long story about a parking space and his ditsy wife, but in my defense let me say that I was hungry and I'm sure my blood sugars were pretty low. (For those of you that care, this is a statue called "Unconditional Surrender" and it is made from the famous WWII photograph taken in New York -- thanks to http://www.militarypilots.org/ for a beautiful picture!)

A fun day in San Diego - thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking good care of the kiddos. Now I'm off to find and dispose of about fifty happy meal toys - don't tell the kids!


Mary-LUE said...

Oooo, the notecards! Payday is Friday, la la la!!! I think I will have to order some.

The weekend sounds great. I'm glad you and Stu were able to get away. You deserve (and needed) it, IMHO.

If you are on a roll, you can come over here and help throw away toys!

Child of God said...

Those damn Happy Meal toys. I try to sneakily throw them away gradually. But it seems like I never catch up. There should be an impact study on how Happy Meal toys harm the environment. Maybe they'd stop handing them out!

Mel said...

Oh my.

I'd like to put that on my list of 'to do' while we're over in that direction.

Mind you, that list is a gazillion pages long already.