Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Boy in the Backyard

Samuel is having quite a love affair with our backyard. Actually, I think it is the watering of the garden that has charmed him. He's always asking me if he can go water the trees, check to see if the tomoatoes are red yet, any excuse to get out there. Here he is with our first cucumber.
I think we may have picked it too early, but he was so jazzed that I couldn't make him wait any longer. I'm planning on making my grandmother's pickles with it (a cup of vinegar, a cup of sugar, and as many slices of cucumber that you can get your hands on - let it sit in the fridge overnight and enjoy).
PS (added later) ~ We made the pickles and they were tasty. I offered some to a friend during a potluck that we hosted at our house, and then I left the jar out with the other food. At the end of the night there was ONE LEFT! Everyone loved our homemade pickles! :)

This week we moved the tables to the grass area for a luncheon, and Sally likes it so much that I'm going to keep them there for a few more days.I took a picture for her because she thinks an artist should come over and do a painting of the view because she loves it so much. Samuel is over there by the tomatoes, because he found this:
He loves it. He told me they look like stairs. I love that boy.

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