Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sally

My sweet baby girl turned 8 yesterday.
It just seems like yesterday that she was four
and her brother was a newborn.
Yes, that is Sally holding Samuel.
Sally pretended to be asleep because she
thought it would be a funnier picture.
She was right.

Best eight years of my life.
Happy Birthday, daughter.


joelle said...

SO SWEET! i could just eat them up!

Sherry C said...

Happy B-Day, Sally! You rock, girlfriend!

cko said...

Happy belated Birthday, Sally. You look so grown up!

Steph said...

Happppppppy Birthday Sally!!!! ...eight p's for extra happiness :) ...that picture is absolutely amazing Sheila! Sally and Sammy look like little dolls. Wow she's so grown up. Send her hugs and kisses for me!

paul and andi said...

Oh, that is a fantastic moment... captured. We love it.


I hope the little thing we sent to Sally made it... (keeps fingers crossed).

Love you lots, Paul and Andi