Monday, August 13, 2007

It's All Good

First, a little garden update. Everything is growing really great - probably because the boy loves to water. Here's the pumpkins and the beans:
And here's the crazy cucumbers:
And the terrific tomatoes:
Second, a little reflection to start out the week right. We have had a very crazy year around here, what with one thing and another. I actually said to one of my prayer partners that I felt like a drama princess because every week I had something new and significant to pray about, and I used to be very boring. In fact, I used to have to really think to come up with a prayer request. Now I have to stop and think which one should I lead with! For a few months, I complained about this. Last week, though, I had an epiphany. I don't think this is a phase anymore. In fact, I think that learning to function, no - thrive! - at this level of drama is what I should be putting my energy and mind to. I have to believe that it is entirely possible to be in the midst of stuff malfunctioning, and be fine. I have to believe that I can have peace in my heart even though there is turmoil in my life. I have to start living like this is true, even before it proves to be true. So, next time you see me, and ask how things are, I may reply with the trite answer: "Things are fine." In fact, "things" may not be fine at all, but hopefully it will be fine with my soul.


life girl said...
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life girl said...

That's a GREAT perspective, Sheila. One that I need right now...Thanks for your post!


Sheila said...

Thanks, Zoey! Good to hear from you!