Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knit Bit: Cutest Sweater Ever

Well, today I got to buy the buttons for the cutest sweater ever.

Sally picked out pink bunny buttons.

I reinforced the collar because some of the stitches weren't tight enough.

I'm weak with the cuteness.

Info for the knitters:
Pattern: One Stitch Baby Sweater (free online)
Yarn: Crystal Palace's Bunny Hop in Misty Green
Needles: US8
I really love this pattern. It's easy and there are only two seams.


Tito Juanito said...

I love the pink and the bunnyness of the buttons. Good choice, Sally!

Sheila said...

Thanks, UJ!
By the by, Starme didn't make it either. The death of the second fish was a bit easier for her to handle, though.