Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knit Bit: This & That

It occurs to me that my posting is pretty sporadic these past few weeks. I blame the kids, of course. Summer is a wreck on my schedule, which means I really have no schedule. Soccer practice starts this week, and next week begins the backing up of the bedtime - preparation for back to school. Yeah, I know - great plan, but I'll let you know how it actually turns out.

It also occurs to me that I'm not showing very much of the knitting. Two reasons - first, the broken camera. I've been using the old camera, so that is more of just a lame excuse than anything. The other reason is that I'm knitting Christmas gifts (only for a select few this year, so don't get your hopes up out there - my knit gifting follows a plan that is neither logical nor fair) but I guess I can show you a few things.

This is a gift for my mom. Since she already knows that I'm making them for her, I can show you the progress:

They are like long fingerless gloves, made to keep her arms and elbows warm. She has trouble with her joints in the winter, so these are lovely and warm. I just need to sew up the sides and they're done.
This is a baby girl blanket. I wanted to knit a blanket in the car, and started this thing. I have no idea who it is for yet, but since I have three pregnant friends, one of them may have a baby girl.
Here is the progress on the baby boy sweater. The baby that I thought was going to be a boy turned out to be a girl. Got to finish this anyway - someone is sure to have a baby boy in the next few years.I'm knitting the left front (that's the sweater's left, your right) now - that pink yarn is holding the stitches for the right front. The sweater pattern is really cool - you knit the left side, mark where you want the buttons, and then knit the right side, knitting in the buttonholes as you go. So clever. (I'm such a sucker for cleverness.)

Finally, the cashmerino mistake rib scarf:Ah, it's beautiful (much like the friend that I am knitting it for) and it's a delight to knit with. If I only knit for the process and not the product, I would only buy this yarn. I would knit a huge blanket and curl up in it.


Tito Juanito said...

These all look snuggly. What's the mistake in the cashmerino? Am I not paying enough attention?

Sheila said...

The pattern is called Mistake Rib because it's not a true "rib" stitch. You cast on a multiple of 4 plus 1 stitch (I used 17, though the pattern suggested 21) and then (K2 P2) K1 every row. The knits and purls don't line up, thus the "mistake", but it still makes a really nice textured stitch. This is the first time I've knit it.

AmberJ said...

The yarn for the cashmerino LOOKS so soft and yummy. I have to agree with you: I would knit with it just to knit. I just want to grab that ball of yarn and rub it on my cheek.

Mel said...

Good grief, I can't do ONE.
Seems you can't do one AT A TIME. LOL

Keep knitting your little heart out!

Sherry C said...

Sheila, have you ever run across "Mountain Colors" yarn? It is only made from animal-based fibers like wool and cashmere, nothing synthetic or plant-based, and is generally rainbow patterned, in all different color combinations (I think they have like 45 different colors).

Anyway, their headquarters is only about a half-mile from my apartment and that is where they do all the dying processes and packaging for retail. I guess it's a pretty big deal in the yarn world.

Maybe someday you will have to come out and visit me so we can take a field trip!

Sherry C said...

I just surfed around and found that Mountain Colors has a very extensive website, including listings of all the retail shops nationwide that carry their products. Here you go: Mountain Colors