Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Conversations with Samuel

Samuel: "Mom, you know what peace means? It means I'm not in the house."
Me: "Uh, no. It doesn't."
Samuel: "Yes, yes it does."
Me: "No. There are two different "peace"-es. The first kind is like a piece of cake. What does "piece" mean there?"
Samuel: "It means like I want a piece of cake."
Me: "Like you want part of the cake, right?"
Samuel: "Yeah!"
Me: "The other peace is peace in your heart - that means you have no worries, you have no fears, just peace. Like peace in the house means no talking and no fighting."
Samuel: "Oh. And then there is the peace when you leave the house - peace out."
Me: "Yeah, there's that one too."


Beth said...

That is so amazingly funny, Sheila...he's awesome.

Sherry C said...

Conversations With Samuel is my favorite corner of the blog world.

I do hope you continue it for many years, even after his commentary on life matures a bit.

It would be a great thing to actually compile all of them eventually.

Peace out.

I love it.

alison said...

So funny.

andi said...

laughing out loud for days... what joy!