Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, school has started, work has started, soccer is going strong (first games this Saturday), and with all of the busy-ness and rigors of the schedule, I am feeling more rested and getting more work done. (I love a good paradox.) Both kids like their teachers and are making new friends. Our tomatoes are still going strong, but note to self: plant bigger varieties next year. We have cherry and roma, and I made tomato sauce last week. Actually, Stuart and Samuel and I made sauce, with me dunking the tomatoes into boiling water until the skin split, Samuel stirring them into iced water to stop the cooking, Stuart and I peeling them, and me chopping them up. Stuart and I both added things to the sauce (I added merlot and basil and garlic, and I don't know exactly what he added but that was some good sauce) and we ate it for dinner. Delicious. But very time consuming. I need bigger tomatoes next year. I found out that Jasper Fforde has a new book out - Thursday Next: First Among Sequels. I love his books. (I highly recommend The Eyre Affair. So clever.) I have to see if my library has it yet.

Now I have to go clean the kitchen, schedule a pizza party for Sally's soccer team, go to the pool supply store, go to the library, and make dinner. Busy - and loving it.


Tito Juanito said...

I put mint leaves and red bell peppers in my sauce.

Oh, yes. I said "mint."

Steph said...

oooh my farmer's market sells the hugest tomatoes in the whole world... and their delicious... i think of you when I see them... not the same as your home grown, but the closest i get :)

steph said...

omg i can't edit my post... they're delicious... goodness gracious... and i call myself an adult... i really do know my homonyms and can spell

Sheila said...

Mint? You're daring.

Steph, don't worry. Happens to all of us from time to time.