Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three Things Thursday

(1) YouTube Funny Video of my day: This one - the William Tell Overture for Moms. Thanks, Aunt Chris! Very funny!

(2) Bad thing of the day: the cheeky mice that have been coming over at night to eat the dog's leftover food have found the birdseed bag and chewed a big hole in it. Good thing it was outside. Bad thing I got up before they left - I let the dog out and three of those little $%&@ mice ran out of the seed bag and over the wall. The worthless dog didn't even see them. Really. Good thing he barks at strangers. I decided today was eviction day for their little lair in my pile of broken bricks (note to self: those bricks need to get out of here. Next week. ASAP.) so I took a big three-pronged rake and moved bricks around and then hosed down the pile until the big guy (he's a mouse that has been living on dog food - he's big) went over the wall. I screamed and ran in the house. (No, I did not even attempt to use the rake to kill the thing, as then I would have a dead mouse to deal with, and that would be worse.) Now I have the heebie jeebies and am going to clean something. For a few hours. For the record, I hate all vermin. Mice, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs included. Sorry, all you animal lovers. I'm from a rural area where the only nice animals are the ones good for milk, eggs, or killing and eating. (Yes, that does make me a bit freakish. I don't care. I like me this way.)

(3) In all the insanity of my life, I managed to finish the second sock. Pictures next week.


AmberJ said...

I'm with you on the rodent thing. I have to include squirrels in that list. But my asap would be sooner than next week. NEXT WEEK?!!! Really???

Sheila said...

Really. Went camping this weekend. More to come!