Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm home again. I've been gone for the past few days, out to my parent's house to visit with my mom and dad. They are now home, and trying to take it easy and rest and recover. Not easy things for my parent's to do - they are usually busy all the time. While I was gone, Stu's cousin, Stephanie (Auntie Steph to the kids) came over to hold down the fort here. She took the kids to school and made sure they did their homework and all that. She's fantastic! (Shouts out to you, Stephanie!) My BFF Stephenee (yeah, I see the irony there) also helped out with Samuel (shouts out to you too, Stephenee!) and I am so grateful to the people in my life who told me they would drop everything to help my family out if I needed to leave for a while. (To those of you who offered and I didn't call, don't worry - you are on my list. The next big crisis, you're up!)

My dad is doing much better. It is amazing. I went in to give him a hug, forgetting that he had CPR administered by an Air Force Sergeant and has a few cracked ribs, forgetting that his incisions are still healing. But he can play cards - he remembered how to play and was even beating my mom and me at our favorite family card game (Liverpool Rummy, if you were wondering). We didn't finish the game because we were all tired, so we watched an old movie and went to bed early.

I read a book, and listened to another one in the car on the way there and back, so check the Bookshelf in a few days for some new posts. Oh, and I'm almost done knitting those socks :) Sally and I found some yarn that we both like for me to knit her a sweater, and I'm deciding on a pattern that I like. I'm thinking about this sweater . But for now, it's time for an after school snack and homework.


Steph said...

Aww thanks for giving such a great open invitation to your house. You're kids are amazing. I need to get back to you asap on the bad blueberries, it's been a little hectic, but I'll be on it asap!

Mel said...


I'm glad to hear your folks are back and the dad's healing.

And gosh, what a beautiful sweater.
What kiddo wouldn't like getting one of those!

*sending more prayers and healing thoughts*