Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I've Been Gone

Hello blog readers! It's been quite a week around here. Let me catch you up (if you don't already know what I've been doing). School started, and my husband started his new job. I also started a new job - I'm working part time, temporarily, at our church. Our children's pastor is on maternity leave, and I'm filling in for her while she is taking care of her darling new baby. So, while Samuel is at preschool, I'm sending out emails and making copies (am I the only one who ALWAYS thinks of that SNL skit when I hear "making copies"?) and getting things ready for Sunday mornings. So, in the middle of juggling all these balls in the air, I get a call from my sister that my dad has been taken to the hospital while on vacation. While I should have been prepaired for such a call - my mom told me last month that my dad's doctor was talking about the possibility of a pacemaker - it pretty much pulled the carpet out from under me. Thankfully, God knew what was best, and although the timing was scary for us and it was very hard for my mom to be away from home and friends, they took my dad to a hospital that won an award for cardiac surgery this year and treated him and my mom better than I could have ever hoped from a large hospital. Also, my sister dropped everything and went to them to be with my mom. (She gets the gold star good daughter award - now she just needs a blog so I can put it up there!) I'm the information hub - emailing out updates to family and friends. Long story real short: my dad had surgery and his heart is better than ever and now he is in the recovery/physical therapy stage. Hopefully he'll get to go home this week. Say a prayer for him and my mom and my sister.

So, I've stopped crying twenty times a day (yes, people, I do cry sometimes) and I don't get up in the morning and check my cell phone and then check the airlines for flight times. I am breathing in and out without telling myself to breathe. For everyone who has called, emailed, or come up to me and asked about my dad, thank you. Your kindness, concern, and prayers have been so appreciated. To all the new readers out there who have stopped by because you found my link on an email, welcome! Feel free to leave a comment for me!

Coming up soon: more conversations with Samuel, why I love soccer, and knitting pictures. Bye for now!


cko said...

Continued prayers for your whole family. Wonderful to hear of your father's recovery. Praise Him.

Jacob, Dawn, Marshall & Samara Coleman said...

We'll be praying for your Dad. That's great that you're helping out with Kidstation - you will do a great job!! :-)

andi said...

We've been thinking about you, the family and especially praying for your dad's quick recovery. Love you lots... Paul and Andi

Mel said...

Oh goodness!

I'm so glad to hear that all's well. Thank G-d for having him in the right place so he could get the help he needed.
And LOTS of points for the gold-star sister!

Consider the prayers a done deal!

(and congratulations on that job--what a cool thing!)

AmberJ said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad to hear he's doing better.

...and, no, you aren't the only one who thinks of that SNL skit. Too funny..

Julianne said...

We are sooo glad Uncle Dave is doing better. And thanks for your regular updates- they were so helpful and appreciated. Who knew that Alaska would be a great place to have heart problems?? Funny how life works sometimes...
My boys are doing the soccer thing too. We had our first rainy day game and it turned out to be lots of fun. My 5 year old Tyler scored his first goal too! yay!
Lots of love.... Julianne