Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conversations with Samuel

Thanks to guest blogger Auntie Stephanie for this one!

After a walk where we checked out the fountain and the hummingbirds, I was pushing Samuel back to the house when he pointed to the bushes:

Samuel: Dose are blueberries.
Me: What's that?
Samuel: Dose are blueberries, but they're bad.
Me: Why are they bad?
Samuel: Cus if you eat them, they will make you sick.
Me: Ahhh yes, those are bad blueberries.

(After turning the corner and pushing the stroller up the driveway, Samuel points at my car)

Samuel: You're car is dirty. It's bad like the blueberries.


andi said...

gotta love it... :)

Mel said...

SMART kiddo. LOL