Monday, October 08, 2007


I should have known I was in for an interesting day when I found a dead mouse in the pool last Thursday. It was a long day - a long story - one in which I look like a scared little girl or, even worse, the beginnings of a crazy person. You know, the crazy lady with crooked lipstick because she's so nervous and has the shakes all the time, the lady who puts out some birdseed for the birds and then stands at her kitchen window to watch the birds, only the mice come and then she gets out her handgun and lets off a few rounds . . . . so, long story short, the mice are gone. I found the one in the pool already dead, and I accidentally killed another one (he got wet from the hose and couldn't dry in time to run away, so he laid down and died), and then I euthanized two baby ones (they were abandoned and would have died anyway, so don't look at me like that). In my defense, I didn't shoot anything. (I don't even own a gun.)

Today, we are doing homework and playing Monopoly (10 minutes each until the homework is gone) and Sally is currently beating me. She's wicked good at Monopoly. I'm helping with homework, cleaning the kitchen, starting dinner, and writing this. Multitasking I am good at - staying calm in the face of mice, not so much.

And the highlight of my inbox today: my Ravelry invitation arrived. If I get a nice bout of insomnia, I'll be online.


alison said...

It is humbling being afraid of small creatures that move so quickly and gnaw at anything they can get their rabid little teeth into...with consideration it makes sense.

I think the lady with perfectly applied lipstick, standing at the window, lovingly stroking her gun is far scarier than than your disheveled vision.

Don't buy a gun.

AmberJ said...

I would never judge you -- or begrudge you -- for drowning, shooting, or otherwise eliminating ROUS's, babies or not.