Friday, October 12, 2007

Favorite Fotos Friday

Our pumpkins - I'm really hoping they will start to turn orange before the end of the month! We have about five or six of them on the vines now, and we also have beans!

Our little garden has been so much fun for the kids and we are all excited for next year and have big plans for the planting (less cucumbers, bigger tomatoes, some squash). Samuel and I will be making two more planter boxes, too. (Yes, put that on my very long, never-ending to do list.)


Mel said...

Oh turn little pumpkins.
How cool to be able to grow and make your own jack-o-lanterns!

Plans for more next year already?!
LOL Aren't you the ambitious one!

Sheila said...

LOL indeed - hopefully I'll be able to do it!

andi said...

can you paint them orange if all else fails?

Kate said...

Cute pumpkins!!