Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Mail

I had a busy day. Dropped Samuel at school, went to Sally's teacher conference, took Sally to IKEA where we happily picked out and measured furniture for her room (no purchases yet - planning continues), picked up Samuel, drove to ToysRUs only to remember that that one is closed, drove to the other ToysRUS . . . and that's the highlights! So on the way home, I was feeling very tired and said out loud that I hoped that I had some good mail waiting at home. I didn't. My kids ran off to play, only to come out awhile later to hand me two folded notes. On the front: "Good mail" Inside: "Dear Mom, Want mail? Well, here is good mail. I love you and you are a good mom. Love Sally." Aaawwww! The other one said: "Dear Mom, I hope your eye feels better. Love Samuel." That one had the letters dotted by Sally and then written over by Samuel, except for his name, which he did all by himself. The best mail I've ever had!


Anonymous said...

What thoughtful children you and Stu have raised!
A. Di

cko said...

Your mail is really special! It was "special delivery" too. Sally and Samuel are are little minatures of you!

Mel said...

That's the kinda mail I could use!