Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Day

While running some errands, I stopped at Staples and picked up the 2008 calendar pages for my organizer. It makes me so happy.

In other news, I was walking in a parking lot this morning and some guy had on Eternity cologne. That always makes me think of this guy from college - he wore way too much of the stuff every single day, but he was a good guy - and it got me to thinking how smell is so closely linked to certain memories for me. I think I've mused on this before - vinegar reminds me of Easter, chocolate chip cookies of my mom, and playdough of my uncle (we used to play playdough whenever he would come over for a visit). Today, I was thinking about what smell will make my kids think of me. (My guess is vanilla. Samuel always asks to smell the vanilla when we bake, and my perfume is a vanilla scent.)

I'm off. I have some laundry to fold, some bills to pay, and some yarn to knit. Have a great weekend, Internet!


Anonymous said...

Vinegar reminds me of Easter too. I want to say that vanilla was used as perfume during the late 19th century.


Amy said...

sheila, i have this cheap fake rose wrapped in a plastic cone -- the ones they sell at convenience store counters, do you know what i mean? i got it from a boyfriend in high school, and one day i knew we would probably break up soon, so i grabbed his cologne when he wasn't looking and DRENCHED the rose in it. to this day, more than a decade later, when i find that rose in an old keepsake box, i unwrap it and take a whiff? OMG ... it's like i'm a 17-year old riding around in the passenger seat of a ford ranger in clovis, NM, all over again! it is amazing how smells can whisk you back to the past ... what a great post!