Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is that the time?

This week is Thanksgiving. Seriously? It seems like Halloween was just yesterday. Today Sally and I started prepariations for the exterior illumination festivities that will take place on Friday. We got down the lights that we got on sale last year and the polar bear (with red bow and moving head). He required assembly, and we have named him Buttons. We figured out where we will put the spiral light tree and the mini forest (three two-foot trees). I crafted up our mini pond (with rope lights and cardboard and tinfoil) while Sally drew some schematics (color coded, of course). We are excited. The breakfast menu is still under debate, as I will probably be having some eye recovery issues because I have an appointment on Wednesday and my doctor told me to expect to have my eye debridement done that day. As in, bring a driver because you'll need one. I am attempting to deal with my unnecessary panic regarding this event by telling everyone I know about it and saying out loud that it probably won't be so bad and that I'll get good drugs, and by knitting myself a comfy "my eyes hurt but as least I have this blanket" blanket. These two things seem to be working. Stuart is busy prepairing for the Thanksgiving Feast (he always cooks the big meals) so if I can't see out of the one eye for the holiday, I think we'll get through it fine.

The kids and I watched Mission: Impossible tonight and I was trying to explain to them who the bad guys are and who is really a good guy but everyone thinks he's a bad guy and who is a bad guy but is pretending to be a good guy . . . it's all very confusing. Sally kept trying to figure it out, but Samuel just wanted more action scenes.

Now I'm off to bed. I'm going to try to have everything in order here before Wednesday morning so if I'm unable to deal with life for a few days, my family won't suffer too much because of it. Considering the normal state of things, putting everything in order is going to take alot of work. However, I have to keep my mind busy so I don't have time to be worried about my doctor gently scraping my eye cells off. (See? Now I'm telling random people in yet another attempt to calm myself. Sad, isn't it?) If I don't get back here before Thursday, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Put some extra cool whip on your pumpkin pie and think of me!


alison said...

I tried to comment yesterday but wasn't allowed. I'm sorry you are going through this and am praying for you. Eyeball scraping would be no fun to anticipate. You go ahead and accost everyone you know assuring yourself that it's no big deal. Hit on some strangers while you're at it.

But I do need to know what's being considered for Thanksgiving breakfast. I think we are going to have pumpkin waffles, just the thought has me fantastically excited.

Mel said...

Seems blogger didn't want folks commenting on Thanksgiving Day--ah well, late, but none the less heartfelt... Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!