Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knit Bit: Log Cabin Technique

For the knitters out there: After doing a lot of searching on the internet about how to properly pick up stitches on the log cabin blanket, I came up with a few assorted gems that I put together to get the look I wanted. Here's the front: And here's the lovely, pretty much flat, back:
Here's how I did it: First off, watch this video on picking up stitches (scroll down the page to find it). The only thing I do differently is that I only pick up one strand of yarn to pull the new yarn through, not two strands. Start with the front side facing up, with the edge that you are going to knit at the top. Pick up the first edge stitch on the far right corner with your needle, wrap the yarn around to knit, and pull it through. Now there is one stitch on your needle. Here's a picture of the needle in the fourth stitch - I'll wrap the yarn around (as to knit) and pull it through.
After you pick up the stitches across the row, then you knit back (which will be a wrong side row) and voila! A pretty (and pretty flat) seam!And here's what it looks like on the back:
It looks like I just changed colors in a row, instead of what I actually did, which was: bind off, turn the work, pick up stitches, and knit in a different direction.

A note on the numbers: For this blanket, I cast on 20 stitches and knit enough rows so that one side had 20 ridges and the other had 19 ridges. I then bound off, making the 20th ridge on the back side. I picked up 20 stitches (some people like to pick up 21 - it's a matter of preference and how tight you knit) and knit 10 ridges. The next time I picked up 30 stitches, and knit 10 ridges. I'm liking the look.

And one piece of advice: weave in the ends as you go. You'll be happier when you are done. Trust me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks so much for spelling out your technique like that and for the photos. I've been playing with log cabin today but haven't been confident about picking up stitches, and I wanted the back to look good too. Yours looks great! I'll practice on the practice piece I'm working on (it'll be a cat mat for my kitty) before starting on the 3-strand bathmat that I wanted to learn log cabin for in the first place.

Warm thanks,