Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recommended Website

If you like to buy stuff on the internet, and you drink coffee, you should try CoffeeForLess. I have a Melitte One:One (which, by the by, I love it and would recommend it - it's a pod coffee machine that makes one cup at a time) and I get our coffee pods at this website. Anyway, I was ordering up a new batch of coffee and noticed that on my account information, there was a section called "Loyalty Program". Turns out, I've been racking up points everytime I order. I used my points to order myself a gift card (you can send them to other people, too) and I got $20 off my order. I love stuff like that.

This is not an endorsement for money or profit. I was excited about saving so much money on something that I found at a low price and I would have ordered anyway. Happy coffe drinking. (They have teas, too.)

1 comment:

Mel said...

Wow.....those are darn good prices!

Thanks for sharing the link.
I like my little pod coffee maker.
I use my 'pretty cups' with 'em and pretend I have some sense about how much coffee to drink. LOL