Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Pies

My husband did all of the cooking for Thanksgiving (except the potatoes, which I did, but I used his new recipe for it). Here are the pies he made. They were delicious.That's two pumpkin and one blueberry (click for the recipes). The blueberry pie was for Samuel, who saw a recent episode of his favorite cooking show, Good Eats, and wanted to have some blueberry pie. (Mom, it was really good and not runny at all. He used fresh blueberries and we baked it the day before we ate it, so it had lots of time to cool down. It was so so good.)


Mel said...

Way to go, hubby!
And good job on the pies.
Himself baked a pumpkin pie and a dutch apple pie.
And not one slice went unappreciated! ;-)

cko said...

Beautiful pies! Wow!