Monday, November 12, 2007


So I went back to the doctor today because the pain in my eye is back. It's actually gotten worse, which I think is not a good sign, so I went in and he took the contact out. Thankfully he numbed up my eye (all the best of God's blessings on the person who invented those numbing eye drops - seriously great stuff) and then he tried to move it, only to discover that it was a little stuck on my eye, and oh yeah, I could still feel his finger on my eye. More numbing drops and out it came - SUCH a relief. I'm on to other drops (they are salt based) because the small injury is getting better - slowly - and he's hoping he doesn't have to do a procedure called "debris-ment" which involves (stop reading if you are squemish) gently scraping the topmost layer of my eye off. I'm hoping the more times I say that out loud, the easier it will be for me to face it. (So far, no luck. I'm now thinking good thoughts about my cornea and talking to my eye in hopes that it will keep healing all by itself. Good cornea, you are looking so nice and healthy today. Yes, I'm grasping at straws. I know this.) I'm just so thankful that for tonight, I am pain free.

What with all this eye drama, I haven't been to the library to get a new book. So I'm reading Little Women. Can you believe that I have never read it? Me neither. It's such a sweet book. I'm enjoying it alot.

In other news, the kids are fine. Samuel went ice skating for the first time on Saturday. He's not very good, but he had fun. Sally is a fair skater. They were surprised that I knew how to skate. The husband is fine, too. My dad is doing really well and is feeling better and better all the time. The mice that were living in our back yard left and never came back. (I don't count the stuffed mouse that my best friend left for me to find, OR the candy mice that she lovingly gave me last week. They don't count, but they made me laugh.) So, if it weren't for the bad eye, things would be pretty great around here.

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