Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Conversations with Samuel

Samuel: "Look at that Mom! That's for the Wii. I totally want that game."
Me: (smirking because we bought it last month to give to the kids from Santa) "Really?"
Samuel: "Yeah. It looks cool."
Stuart: (in on the Santa conspiracy) "Maybe you should ask Santa for it."
Samuel: (very concerned) "Do you really think the elves can make a cd?"


Child of God said...

Well, I hope the elves know how to make electronics. AA wants a toy digital camera that takes real pictures and a Leapster. =)

cko said...

Heard one can really get a work out with the Wii. Great family fun?!

Mel said...

Oh, I gotta know how you answered that one........LOL

chickenone said...

After explaining that Santa has a budget, lots of kids to give presents to, etc. my youngest told me "I don't get it" that Santa has elves who love to make presents - it's their job and they don't know how to do anything else. Plus, he told me that the North Pole has an ATM and Santa can get money any time he needs it.

Nice. "I don't get it"