Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Tidings of Great Chaos

Now that I've caught up on my sleep, I'm a whirlwind of productivity. I'm even impressing myself over here. First, the photos to appease the masses:

The kids in front of the Christmas tree.
And one more of the tree:
I put on the lights, and let them decorate away. My only rule was heavy (translation: pricy) ornaments go up high. (Stu's only rule is no flocking. We don't like flocking over here. Also not a real fan of tinsel, but I didn't get any this year. I digress.)

The stockings.
Also under the children's responsibility. They arranged them boy/girl/boy/girl, starting with Dad. (They ARE just like me - thanks for the compliment!)

The kitchen shelves.
These are above the sink - they had some flowers and other stuff on them, which I took off, threw half of it away, cleaned the rest, cleaned the shelves, (get up off the floor, Mom - I do sometimes clean) and put up Christmas fun. The red tealight holders are new this year. (Red and gold are my Christmas colors, by the way. I decided a few years ago that I will only buy new Christmas items if they are (a) on sale, and (b) red or gold. I need rules. It helps me.)

And now, since she doesn't read the blog, here's the secret Christmas knitting:
It's a hat for Sally. Well, it's the band for a hat for Sally. I'm almost done with the band (just 14 more rows) and then I can start on the body, which will go very fast. The band is a braided cable, which means that I knit it pretty slow, because I'm still new to the cabling, and I have to stop and keep track of which row that I'm on (that's the chart in the background - I like charts better than those plastic row counters) since when I made this hat for me I lost track, crossed some of the cables wrong, and had to rip it out and start over. Anyways, the body is just plain knitting, around and around. Goes very fast. I think I'll make it.

The Christmas cards go out tomorrow. Sally helped me with the stamping yesterday. They are all ready today, but she has a few notes she wants to write, so I told her I'd wait to mail them on Friday. One more day won't hurt. (update: She also sealed most of them tonight. Such a good helper!)

Thanks for all the good wishes in the comments and the emails and most of all for the prayers for my eye and my health. Merry Christmas!


Mel said...


Rules for shopping?

I have three.
Go in, get it, get out.
LOL That's how little I like to shop.

What a lovely idea for the gold and red bulbs.
And the tree........very cute!

Happy simplicity!
(I should learn something here..LOL)

zbjernak said...

glad everything is fine now...

merry christmas to you... and what a lovely tree there...

have fun, and cheers!

cko said...

Such beautiful talent. The hat will be gorgeous. Any hand me downs????