Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saturday night I got the flu. Can you even believe that? I couldn't.

The cornea looks good. Everything else over here is a wreck. Six days until Christmas? Yikes.


rvodyssey said...

Sounds like it's time for a simple holiday for the Chews

Sherry C said...

Yes. Listen to your mother. You are a creative girl, even when you are sick. Come up with some clever spin on things that makes simple and even completely non-traditional into cooler than cool. I know you can.

Sorry you are miserable.

Mel said...

Sheeeeeshh........there's just NO break in all this, huh?

*sending prayers*

alison said...

Echoing everyone else - you already have one amazing present (probably more). Keep it simple. Be gracious to yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Smoosh together on the couch, turn off the lights, look at the Christmas tree and thank God you can see it.

You could put your kids presents in plastic (or paper!) grocery store bags and they would still be thrilled. You're a great mom, Sheila. Be yourself. Give yourself. THAT is more than enough.

Adults can fend for themselves.

Lecture over.

As you were.

Sheila said...

Thanks, everyone, but I'm feeling soooo much better. Yesterday the house got decorated, and today I'm shopping. It'll be great! (and I put the empty decoration boxes under the tree so it looks like lots of presents AND I don't have to put them away in the garage! LOL!)

Simple Christmas. You people do know me, right? I'm the girl who plays Christmas music non-stop from the minute Thanksgiving dinner is over until the last present is unwrapped. It won't be perfect, but I'm so over trying to be perfect. It will be a crazy mess of ornaments and lights and junk everywhere and being happy and watching It's A Wonderful Life and I'll love it all. :) (course, those christmas cards aren't in the mail yet, but I do have five more days . . . . )

Sherry C said...

Oh, you wait until Thanksgiving dinner is over now, huh? When I was your roommate, I think you started Amy Grunt's Tender Tennessee Christmas before the Halloween candy was gone.

Glad to hear you are up and around.

Still, take it easy.

alison said...

I think I'm sending Valentines this year.

LOVE it, have fun, but let go of anything that is work.

I wait until the morning after Thanksgiving to put in the first Christmas music. Good to know I'm restrained, at least in this.

AmberJ said...

I, too, had the flu. Good times. So much is going un-done.

Glad you are feeling better!