Saturday, December 15, 2007


Holy cricket - is it that close to Christmas? SOOO not ready.

I've been busy growing a new cornea over here. It's exhausting work. I spent two days strung out on vicodin, laying on the couch and eating whatever random thing was placed in front of me and sleeping on the couch. (I've grown very fond of that couch.) I'd get up only when the drugs wore off, pacing until the new one started working. It felt like someone scraped a big hole in my eye with a hot poker. It hurt bad.

The contact is now out and I've been growing a nice new cornea. Hopefully it will be happy and stick on tight so I don't have to go through this ever again. One of the optomitrists at the practice watched my procedure and told all the nurses that I was the bravest woman he'd ever seen - that he was in pain just watching me sit there and have this procedure done. He didn't know how I did it. I told the nurse that I had lots of people praying for me, that I'm not really very brave at all.

I'm now in the Extra Strength Tylonol and eye drops every hour phase of recovery. We watched Transformers. It was awesome. (That could be the drugs still in my system. Hard to tell.) And I don't like to go outside because the light hurts my eye. The really awful part of the recovery (besides the pain) is that I couldn't even knit. I was too sleepy to concentrate.

Now I think I have a cold. Can you believe that?

And I found the pringles lid. It was in the driveway this whole time.


Tito J said...

I think you are brave. Anyone who thinks you aren't is welcome to come have a little chat with me in my office.

Mel said...

I'm just glad to hear you're on the mend...and that the lost was found!'s time to wrap those prezzies!

*sending healing thoughts*

AmberJ said...

Suddenly my little cold and sore throat seem SOOOOOOOO minor compared to what you are going through this week-before-Christmas.

Get well, my friend!