Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Went To The Dr

and got my eye scraped

which was probably a good thing because Dr.K kept saying "wow - i'm just barely touching it and it's just flaking off - it's more damaged than I thought - just a few more minutes"

not things you want to hear about your cornea. no, not really.

but it didn't hurt - was just very mentally exhausting. Nice kind Dr.K gave me a vicodin before I left his office, and I've been on the couch all morning. I just took my second dose. Thank God for vicodin.

stephenee is the bestest friend a girl could have. she said nice things and got me my pills and fed me lunch. and she didn't even get mad at me that I lost the pringles lid whilst eating in the grocery store. isn't she the BEST?!


Mel said...

Okay--she IS the bestest!

*sending healing thoughts and prayers*

Gosh, I hope for good results for you. It's been a haul and a half getting to deal with all this...

rvodyssey said...

I too am sending healing thoughts and prayers. Take care and heal well.

cko said...

Do hope you eye is healing well. Did you know it is the fastest healing part of the body? Take care.

alison said...

How are you doing?