Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conversations with Samuel

Me: "Son, please get your jammies on."
Samuel: "These are my jammies!"
Me: "That's a big shirt. Where are your pants?"
Samuel: "I don't want to wear pants."
Me: "Why?"
Samuel: "Since."
Me: "Since what?"
Samuel: (gives me The Look) "SINCE."


Me: "Samuel, stop that."
Samuel: "No, I like it."
Me: "Why would you like that?"
Samuel: "Since."


Me: "Samuel, what would you like for lunch?"
Samuel: "Noffin."
Me: "Aren't you hungry? I can make you a sandwich."
Samuel: "No." (gives me The Look) "Since."


Tito J said...

Sometimes your son confuses me. I wonder what he thinks "since" means. Am I just slow-witted from lack of sleep?

(Now I hear the voices of my family saying, "Lack of sleep has nothing to do with it...")

Sheila said...

Uncle J, I think he thinks that 'since' is the same as 'because', but he gives no reason after it. It kills me. I've started doing it back to him and it's oddly satisfying. "GO TO BED!" I yell, and he whines "But I'm not tired" and I give him a look and say "Since!" and he knows he's been beat and goes to bed.

Smarter than the kids. That's the key to successful parenting, my friend.

BTW, I love how you keep changing up your username on us. Keeps me on my toes.

Lack of sleep? Are you working on that film instead of sleeping? Don't neglect your health! Take some extra omega-3s and a nap.